Golden Raspberry

I finally got around to visiting MIYO’s stand of perfumed polishes, and this time I walked away with the pink one.  Raspberry is a bright and saturated raspberry pink with tiny gold glitter and a somewhat synthetic raspberry scent.

It is slightly cooler in real life. And I’ll be completely honest with you — I got seduced my the golden glitter. I have pinks in my collection, but I don’t have one with golden micro-glitter! It definitely works and makes it more interesting.

As with other MIYO polishes I’ve tried, this was again a one-to-two coater and the dry time is totally ok. 🙂 Lasts decently as well, seeing as these pics were made at the end of second day of wear.

The scent is there, and as I said slightly synthetic feeling, but not overpowering or distracting.



2 thoughts on “Golden Raspberry

    • It’s actually a polish I really do want, but the only ones from that collection available here are Watermelon Rind and Cherry Pie. 😦

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