Little Haul

I haven’t done a nice haul post in ages. My last mini-haul was late January when I went to town on older Essie polishes on sale, but today I went out with idea of wanting to do some polish huntin’.

I returned with 13 polishes. This is what I got.

A set of four minis from SpaRitual’s spring 2012 collection Water — Deep, Hidden Reef, Lucid, Ebb & Flow. I was so excited when I realised the mini-pack contained exactly the four polishes I most wanted from this collection! 😀 This happens really rarely. I got a full-sized bottle of a slightly older SpaRitual as well — Circle of Life.

The Water collection is so pretty!

 Then I found an intriguing muted blue and teal flecky shimmer polish from Wild&Mild (formely Wild&Crazy) called Madness (on the right). The polishes from this brand are either really bad or really good. This is one of the really good ones, methinks. 🙂 And an Italian brand — One Week — I’d never heard of before. I got a really strange bright greenish brown from them (No 32) and a muted lilac with hidden purple shimmer (No 36).

And finally, I picked up three matte polishes from Golden Rose. A dark blue, dark green and dark purple one. And two of Depend’s offerings from last spring — No 218 and No 228. I love the heavy silver shimmer they’re shot through with. 😀

This again sets me way behind on my untrieds. 😉 Also, my sister let me know she bought me Catrice’s Genius in a Bottle today. It’ll be some time til I get my hands on it, but another thing to look forward to. 😀



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