Matte and Delicious

I finally got around to trying out one the matte polishes I got from Golden Rose. This is No 10 from the Matte line. An amazingly deep and vibrant jeweltone blue with glowy shimmer.

 The shimmer looked stunning when this was applied, and as it dried to a matte finish, became a lot less obvious. At the same time it made this matte polish look non-flat and just really pretty. 🙂

The application and formula were utterly flawless. This could have been a one-coater, but I did a second one as well considering I take macro shots of my nails. 😉

really need to try this with top coat one of these days. Even matte the shimmer looks great… imagine it glowy. 🙂

This was my first experience with Golden Rose as a brand and what and introduction it was! If the rest of their polishes are as good quality then I think I’m in love. And I am absolutely gonna pick up whatever else I can find from the Matte and Matte Velvet lines.


p.s. Just a reminder that my giveaway is closing tonight!


5 thoughts on “Matte and Delicious

  1. I have two Golden Rose mattes, 01 which is pink, but not as matte as I would like to, and 06, which is this taupe with gorgeous purple shimmer, but that is just visible when the polish is still wet, when it dries all the shimmer goes away 😦 So that is actually the first matte ever that I always wear with topcoat to make the purple shimmer at least somewhat visible. So that´s my encounter with these mattes 🙂 But true, the application is very good, and they stay on my nails a really long time too! And that blue is truly great!

    • Oooh, I don’t think I’ve seen these around. The taupe sounds really interesting though.

      I did find a bunch of Velvet Mattes though. Same idea, only instead of shimmer, they have micro-glitter. 😀

      • It seems that I have to go back to Seppälä to explore a little more of these Velvets and Mattes then 😀 I also bought a holo Golden Rose, but I haven´t tried that one yet..

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