Matte Continued

Ok. I’m officially in love. With the Golden Rose Matte Velvets. After wearing the blue matte yesterday, I couldn’t wait to try out the Velvets as well. For my first try with them, I chose the vivid purple No 107.

Yum! Again, a one-two coater and the glitter… Delicious. I kept on staring at my nails all day long. Can’t think of many polishes that look that amazing even when matte. This is another one I really want to try out with top coat as well.

Why hadn’t I heard of this line before? 😀 I seriously went back to the store after my first experience and got all the Matte Velvets available except for the black one as that seemed to be a dupe for Orly’s  Iron Butterfly.

My giveaway is closed now, I’ll try to type in the entries and generate a winner by tomorrow. 🙂

I also need to go on a polish no-buy (or at least low-buy) for a while as my untrieds pile just went past 30 again. 😛



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