Black & White Challenge – Day 6

I’ve been really getting back into teal and blue lately, so for this mani of the challenge, I chose an old favourite.

Here’s my entry for Day 6 – Colour Base with White.

This was two coats of Snowcrystal No 446 — a beautiful blue-side teal shimmer with slightly bigger teal sparkle pieces. I seem to recall that this polish was a dupe for OPI’s Yodel Me On My Cell…

The colour is beautiful and it’s been way over a year since I last wore it, so it seems to me it was high time to revisit this pretty.🙂 For the white I added Depend’s White Crackle Effect. I still consider Depend crackle polishes to be the best I’ve tried and as an added bonus they’re also the cheapest with the largest collection of colours available.😀

Yay! Just four entries to go until completion of this challenge.🙂

You can find more information on the challenge, plus all the bloggers playing along HERE.🙂


6 thoughts on “Black & White Challenge – Day 6

    • Thank you! And kinda what I had in mind too… the icy bank in the sea just near my home. (So I guess my home is up north as well.😉 )

  1. I never thought I’d like a white crackle, but I really like this! My crackle never cracks enough for my taste, lol.

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