Glitter Chic

Can anybody tell me why I didn’t pick up anything from the China Glaze holiday collection? For some reason I’m afraid of glitter and don’t find it all that interesting.

So, it’s an even bigger mystery why I picked up all the Sally Hansen Gem Crushes sold here. When I finally got around trying them out, I fell in love. For my first, I chose Showgirl Chic — fine silver glitter with turquoise hex pieces.

This covered completely in three thin coats and I really like the gritty surface for some reason. It just works for this polish, I think. Makes it look like slightly wrinkled silver foil. 😀 One of the reasons why I opted for no top coat here as well. I think it’s better to embrace the grittiness here than to go for the 2-3 layers of top coat I imagine it would take to get it glossy. 😉

I find this polish completely beautiful (which makes me sad that I didn’t pick up the China Glaze lookalike when that was available months ago). It also really makes me have an inner battle between the wish to try out the rest of these asap and the horror of having to deal with Glitter Removal once again. 😛



4 thoughts on “Glitter Chic

  1. I always try to peel glitters off in the shower, sometimes it can spare me a lot of PITA. But it doesn’t work with all polishes.
    I usually go for glitters in summer, the sun just makes them look enchanting…
    (F***, i just can’t stop whining about the sun, this is ridiculous!)

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