Pink, Raspberry Pink

I still find it strange how much I like red and pink by now. I used to think these would be the colours I never wear, but now I have all kinds…

Today, I’m wearing a polish released for last spring — Depend No 218.

This is similar to  MIYO Raspberry I wore recently, but instead of the golden micro-glitter, this has subtle silver micro-glitter.

It’s subtle, but still visible on the nail. Two coats for opacity and I really liked wearing this polish. It looks a bit more vivid and cooler in natural light. 🙂 But overall a true raspberry pink.

Spring is definitely here! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Pink, Raspberry Pink

    • I think it’s the spring in the air… 😉 But I really like Depend polishes in general as well — they’re cheap, the bottles are small (so I don’t feel like I’m wasting polish when I only wear them once or twice) and the colour selection is quite large.

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