Nfu-Oh, Long Time No See

Seems like the polishing world has recently been overtaken by flakies. Everybody’s coming out with their own. That has inspired me to dig out some older Nfu-Ohs I haven’t worn in ages.

First up — No 60 — classic orange-to-green large flakies in a sheer black jelly base.

The last time I wore this was nearly two years ago (pre-blog) and then I used a layer over black and was disappointed. I mean, it was gorgeous, but just one layer over black made it look pretty much exactly like every sheer orange-to-green flakie I’ve seen (Nubar 2010, GOSH Rainbow etc).

So, today, I decided to wear it on its own.

It took three coats to get it opaque and OMG it’s so much better like this. 😀 I am in love all over again. The sheer black base allows all the layers of flakies to shine through and it has just this gorgeous depth to it.

Never again wasting this on layering. It deserves to be worn on its own. And with the 17ml Nfu-Oh bottles, I’m not gonna run out any time soon. 😉

And wow, this was so anti-Easter in colour selection that I can’t even… 😛 I’m gonna try for a more traditional Easter mani tomorrow. 😀



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