Four Leaf Clover

I polish I love to wear, but hate to photograph. Which is why it hasn’t been on this blog yet, even if it was (da-duh!) my first China Glaze polish nearly two years ago.

This is a medium bright almost neon green with a blue tint that sometimes looks almost turquoise or teal and I have seriously never seen an entirely colour correct photo of it. 😛 I did my best here, I think these are almost right but maybe still a bit too blueish.

Of course, it’s utterly stunning. A lovely two-coat formula as well. A bit of a stainer like a lot of pigmented greens, but a nice opaque base coat takes care of that (I like Essie’s Ridge Filler under my “stainers” and/or chromes and/or holos 😉 ).

Love it. 🙂

And, btw, I just realised that I still have pre-blog nail polish purchases that I’ve never even worn. Iiik. I wonder if there’s ever gonna be a day when I don’t have untrieds… I mean, when I bought these polishes I couldn’t wait to wear them and loved them and… Obviously, I could wait. 😛 So, is it possible to completely lose interest in a polish you had to have even without trying it?



2 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clover

  1. Oh this polish is a mystery for me, I can’t get a proper mental picture of what it looks like. I thought it was much greener than this… gah, I think I’ll have to buy it just to see it for myself.

    • It *is* much greener than this. But sometimes it’s not. And then it also looks different than in the bottle… Definitely need to see it yourself. 😉

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