Playing with Texture

I always try never to show the same polish here in the same week, or the same month and usually not even the same year. 😉 However, this is the exception.

But, I’m also showing a polish I haven’t photographed before, so all’s good. 😀

I bought Orly’s Oui last autumn and really loved the cool purple-gold foil to bits and pieces, but somehow never really got around to showing it here.

Two coats and perfect application; I just love Orly’s foils. 🙂 Of course, I put this on because I was reminded of its existence by the Golden Rose crackle I wore the day before. They’re not identical, Oui is cooler in tone, but they are really really close.

And then I got the bright idea to try to layer near identical crackle and polish.

I didn’t use top coat, to keep the matte texture of the crackle polish. The effect is subtle, but really awesome I think. I’ve been staring at my nails all day, because at first glance it looks like a regular polish and then you see that something’s “wrong” with it and it’s just really nifty to look at.

I’m calling this an experiment turned out well. 😀



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