My Perfect Nude

After a search spanning years… I’ve found it. My perfect nude. Unsurprisingly it comes from Essie and it’s called Cafe Forgot.

I love everything about from the perfect application to the sheer pinkish beige colour with tiny silver shimmer. I imagine this would look great as a French topper, but I used three coats to get it to almost opaque.

It looks squishy and awesome and gives me the best mannequin hands. 🙂 I’m not often in the mood for something this subtle on my nails, but I am so glad my search is over. Enough of the near-matches that clash with my skintone and I’ve never worn again. Cafe Forgot is here to stay. 😀


I am now going on lock-down. Or hyperdrive. Or something. I have a week to finish my Master’s thesis and I’m slightly insane atm. 😉

Luckily, I have a few polish-posts still in the queue, but I don’t foresee much polish-changing until I’m done and can breathe again.



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