Love Those Ugly/Pretty Things

Today, I have a polish and a story. 🙂 (I guess I feel like writing longer things on the blog since I’m procrastinating from writing my thesis.)

First. The polish. One Week’s No 32, which I thought would be a slightly darker version of American Apparel’s Trench Coat. Well, it dries darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, so it’s not that.

What it is still awesome. You know the colour, right? The slightly greenish brown that makes you think of … 😉 It’s not a pretty colour, and not for everyone, but that’s what I like about it.

Two coats, but could have gotten away with one.



Now, for the story. There’s this place in Tallinn’s Old Town. I can’t even call it a bar or a pub. It’s a basement. Centuries old basement with limestone walls and sparse beat up real wood furniture. With an equally beat up bar with old-school punkish bartenders you know by name. The choice of liquid is beer from the tap, hard cider from the tap and the only cocktails they know are screwdrivers and rum and coke.

Get any sort of picture?

It’s the place where you go when everything else is closed for the night as it’s always open til morning. There are punks and Goths and nowadays a ton of early twenties hipster crowd. It’s the only bar in Tallinn where you can still smoke indoors. The desks are bolted to the stone floor with heavy iron chains.

It’s packing at around 2-3 am and you always make new friends-for-the-night there.

Sometimes they have film-nights in the back room showing weird 70s  cult stuff. I’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby and Foxy Brown and way more obscure old sexploitation movies there…

It opens when the bartenders wake up at around 3-4 in the afternoon. And then it’s empty. And regulars get pots of all kinds of tea or coffee for free. With mismatched and chipped mugs. It’s dark and dingy without windows and a strong Medieaval basement feel (which it is, actually) and an awesome place to sit and chat quietly. (In the afternoon, that is.)

And you have to know where the bar is. ’cause there aren’t any signs. Just stairs and a door leading underground on a random corner in the Old Town.

This is where I like to meet up with my sister and her crowd:

I’ve spent countless hours drinking pot after pot of oolong or rooibos and chatting there during the day. And drinking the same (not so good) hard cider during the night.

Any favourite bars for you? 🙂

(I guess I felt like story time, since I’ve been working like crazy for a few months and haven’t been able to go out…)



3 thoughts on “Love Those Ugly/Pretty Things

  1. I love this kind of polish. it’s basically an olive green, it reminds me a bit of Jessica Victorian Crush. 🙂
    Story was an awesome reading. I love places like that, they’re always so cool.

  2. I’ve been hanging out at the same bar for, ohhhhh, 25 years? Maybe a couple more. Long enough that the owner has become my best friend, lol. Being owned by a woman for 33 years, they tolerate absolutely no crap in the disrespecting women department which is why I stayed 25 years ago. It was nice to know I could walk in alone after work when I was single and not worry about being ‘bothered’. Guys that don’t take a polite ‘no thanks’ are asked to leave, sometimes permanently. But! I met my husband there nearly 21 years ago, lol.

    No hard liquor which is fine with me. Beer (on tap and bottled), wine, nasty fruity malt drinks/coolers for those that drink those and if you like a particular beer, C will get it for you if she can. Excellent bar food. Fresh cooked, none of that packaged, nuked stuff. Homemade soup even. We don’t have medieval basements here sadly, but it’s been in continuous operation since early WWII, with a German name that has never been changed. Most of the people that go in there have been hanging out for years and it’s not unusual to find 3 generations of a family there. C definitely cares about her customers and often ends up taking care of ‘things’ for some of the older ones that are on their own and need help. She’s been willed money over the years from some, not a lot, but she feels guilty over it which is foolish. She’s helped those people out of the goodness of her heart when their families couldn’t be bothered. Over the years I’ve taken my grandparents, parents, sister, and now my niece. It’s the fried chicken and fresh cut fries that gets them every time. ;od C is wanting to retire before too much longer and then my bar days will be over, lol. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, but if whoever she sells it to messes up the food, there will be hell to pay.

    • That sounds like an amazing place! I love that it’s owner-operated, those kinds of bars/pubs are incredibly rare here… I actually can’t think of any place except the bar I talked about in my post (the owner’s there working the bar most nights) but it’s not exactly a family place. No food offered. 😛

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