Fabulous Phone Post of a Phabulous Polish

Nothing, and I mean nothing freaks out my camera like neon. And when you make it purple neon it’s like trying to shoot the stars — not gonna happen.

Here’s where my trusty mobile comes in. The camera is crappy enough (well, actually it’s a pretty decent camera for a mobile) that it actually catches some of the neon.

Not 100% colour accurate (as it’s not a duochrome) but close enough! What can I say about Flying Dragon?

I love it! I la-la-love it!

It’s a neon purple. They only shade of neon that doesn’t look like a highlighter but is just in-your-face BRIGHT.

And it’s a jelly. With glitter. With pink and blurple micro-glitter.

Seriously. Could this get any better? 

Here’s another mobile shot (the real colour is something between these two and even more saturated.)

Ok, so what I don’t love that much is that it’s a sheer and runny three coater, but hey! this beautiful polishes get a pass on formula. 😉

And, yes, I have been wearing this for days. And I wouldn’t even take it off now if it hadn’t chipped.

Sometimes fairy-tales do come true and a long time lemming is exactly what you dream of. 😀



2 thoughts on “Fabulous Phone Post of a Phabulous Polish

  1. Yea yea yea!!! This baby ROCKS!!! I want to take this polish to bed! 😀 And your pics really does it justice, I think they’re fantastic for being a mobile cam. I love your pics!

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