The Killers of No-Buy (a.k.a. Duochromes)

I have too many polishes! Seriously, I’m running out of space to put them and nails to wear them on.  So I’ve officially been on a no-buy (with a couple of exceptions) for nearly a month now. And I was doing so well too, until I saw a new brand today in the store — I mean, a new line of polish for me (OMG!) and there was a LE collection too.

And get this, they were duochromes! (That was the sign of my downfall.)

Cue hyperventilating and all that. 😉

Ok, so I gather the brand is German, it’s called Misslyn. The bottles are 10ml, which is entirely normal for a European brand. There were tons of pretty polishes in the core line as well, but I only picked up one from there (Blue Planet) and the rest were from the LE Peacock collection.

Have a look!

Left-to-right: 720 (Elfin Butterfly), 722 (Chameleon), 729 (Leguan) from the LE Peacock Collection and 595 (Blue Planet) from the core line.


Elfin Butterlfy and Chameleon

Leguan and Blue Planet

Don’t you just love when you randomly find polishes like these? 😀 I know I do, even if my wallet and storage situation don’t. 😛

Btw, I’m pretty sure that Chameleon is another of Chanel Peridot dupes. Just FYI. 😉



10 thoughts on “The Killers of No-Buy (a.k.a. Duochromes)

  1. Misslyn is a very good brand, yes. 🙂 I didn’t buy any of these duochromes, they seemed too brush-stroky to me. BTW, you should layer them over black, otherwise they’ll come out very weak. 🙂

    • Glad to hear! I’ve been wearing one of these for a couple of days now and it’s holding up really well. 😀 BTW, completely and utterly brush-stroke free! Seriously, it dries to such an awesome even finish. 🙂

      • Really? Good to know! Maybe I’ll grab a bottle then, I think I saw them still in our store. Must check it!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love Leguan and Blue Planet especially. Did they have red and purple duos too? I’m definitaly sharing your space issues. Hubby says get another cabinet. No, no, no! I don’t want to collect just to have, I want to be able to wear them all. I need to destash the ones I don’t really like on me, then I’d have room for more.

    • I know what you mean. I’m a couple of polishes away from the 300 mark, which sounds kinda *insane* to me.

      I remember how I swore to myself ages ago (when I had around 80ish polishes) that I’d stop when I reached 100… well, obviously that didn’t happen.

      And then I tried not buying any until I had no untrieds… didn’t work either. I mean, I still have around 20 polishes I’ve never even worn and some of those are over a year old! 😮 And I LOVED them when I bought them so I don’t even know what happened!

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