Stunning! That’s what it is! Misslyn’s Chameleon, that is. If it’s really dupe-y for Peridot I can definitely understand what all the fuss was about.

The LE stand told to layer this over black, but I wanted a feel for the polish itself, so I wore it on its own. Glad I did!

I mean… UNGH! Here it is a three coats and a picture perfect formula. I thought it would be brush-stroke-y, but no, this tries to just a perfect shimmer.

It’s actually so reflective and mirror-like in indirect light that it reminds me of some of the chromes I’ve tried. I actually wouldn’t hesitate to call it a faux-chrome duochrome. And the effect from antique gold to vivid green is strong! As in always present and visible.

It sparkles like crazy in direct light to boot!

I can’t even decide how I like it more — direct-light sparkly or indirect-light mirrory. 😉

I’ve worn it for two days now and no chips in sight, so yay! for the lasting power as well.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come (and Chameleon as it compares to it’s siblings. She’s in the middle.)

I cannot wait to try the rest of these Misslyn duochromes! 😀



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