Elfin Butterfly

Ok, so the name of this polish sounds like a nasty Lord of the Rings fanfic, but that doesn’t make Misslyn’s Elfin Butterfly any less beautiful.

This is my second polish from the LE Peacock collection, and it’s a complete stunner similarly to it’s sibling Chameleon, which I showed you yesterday.

Two-three coats and lovely formula. I love this shade for spring! It’s like a sparkly neutral duochrome with it’s olive green to warm pink shift.

And look, no brushtrokes!

Just as reflective and mirror-like in the shade as Chamelon too.

Unfortunately, I did manage to smudge my middle finger a bit as it was drying:

Kind of sad. 😦 But still, at the moment I’m utterly in love with my nails.

I seriously can’t decide which of my Misslyn duochromes I like more! And I bet trying Leguan will only make things more complicated. 😉

One of these days I really must try them over black as well… I mean if the duochrome is this visible on its own… imagine it over black. 😀



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