Day 7: Black

And here I have my pick for the seventh day of the challenge: black.

This is two coats of the 0.7€ Aden Cosmetics polish without name or serial number… I’ve shown it before but I couldn’t resist putting it on again.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this polish!

I think it’s my absolute favourite black with glitter. The multicoloured glitter is perfect and stunning and the polish is impossibly gorgeous. It’s also a tiny tiny 5ml bottle which I’m almost out of and I have no idea where to get another one. 😥 I should have picked up at least three of these!

I mean… we didn’t have any sunlight today, so these are in-shade pictures and look how the glitter still pops! ♥



7 thoughts on “Day 7: Black

  1. I had never heard of this brand before so googled. Could it be this one? Click the picture to make it bigger, looks like black glitter polish. And here it’s number 52: *googling more* Here is another picture: So maybe you can get more if it! 🙂 It does look gorgeous!

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