Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

There’s this awesome two-tone tutorial that I’ve been meaning to try, so why not now? πŸ˜€

Here’s my take on saran wrap nails as shown by Nailed It.

I painted my nails with a coat of Models Own Grace Green (how I had I forgotten that this gorgeous green is a fast-drying one-coater?) and then used the technique to add a marble in MIYO Perfumed Raspberry.

I really like how this turned out! What I also find interesting that next to the pink, the green looks more like a cool grey and the bright raspberry pink looks like a darker berry pink… πŸ˜›

I’m pretty sure I want to try this with a lighter-darker shade of the same colour… or pastels. πŸ˜€ Or neons! My! The possibilities! πŸ˜€

Almost there! Now, what will I do for task 31 — repeat of my favourite mani… No idea yet, as I love so many of these in the challenge. πŸ™‚



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