Pretty? Ugly? Like or Not?

This is an older LCN polish I found a while ago. It was a lonely bottle with a slightly different design among the newer ones and I thought it looked really interesting.

Definitely unlike anything else I own.

This has no numbers, names, nothing on it… so I have no idea what to call it. 😛 Basically, it’s a dirty apricot colour with tons of subtle lilac and pink shimmer.

As I said, it’s really  interesting and I’m pretty sure if I were to see it on a blog I’d go as gaga over it as I did in the store.

But I think I like it more in theory than in practice. I like the idea of it. I like how it looks in the close ups or when I stare at my nails really closely.

But on a regular day, the shimmer isn’t just that visible and the overall look isn’t ugly… it’s just plain. It’s even demure, maybe.

Basically. I don’t think it’s a really pretty polish, nor is it an ugly colour… I guess it’s so in-between that even my opinion of it is in-between.

Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Maybe it’s just the wrong season or mood for it.






8 thoughts on “Pretty? Ugly? Like or Not?

    • I also think the colour is special, but not ugly enough to qualify for the ugly-but-cute category. It’s growing on me though! 😉

    • I still have no idea what gives me lobster hands! It just seems to happen sometimes and I was pretty sure it would with this polish… but it didn’t.

  1. I think the color is itself pretty, but it is one of those shades that for me personally does not go well with my skin tone. I have the same problem with golds (sigh).

    • Golds, yellows, oranges… these are what I thought were problem colours for me. But it really is all about the particular shade. There is something workable in each colour, it’s just more of a risk picking up a bottle of something like orange or gold. 🙂

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