Instagraphy. Or Something

It’s the last month of summer (the weather has already acquired an autumny chill…) so I thought that until September, I’d post my favourite Insta-moments of Estonian summer with each of my nail posts.

I appologise to those of you who already follow me on Instagram (@kmlv) or Twitter (MLVanities) as you’ve probably seen these before. 🙂

So, starting from tomorrow, it’s summer favourites from Estonia, right now, let’s get my June-July trip to Austria out of the way. 😉

Hi! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Instagraphy. Or Something

  1. I have to say – wow! You take some really good shots. I’m ElleHime on Instagram. Still not very consistent in the types of pictures and effects I use, though… trying to find my style there. It’s sooo fun and addicting! I’m happy to see your favorite shots in your blog posts. =)

    • Thank you! And I totally get it about finding your style. I basically have it figured out (a lot of my pictures use the same mask+filter+frame combo) but sometimes something else works so much better for a specific photo and then I end up going with that.

      Or even if I’ve decided that my IG is mostly city and nature shots… I still can’t resist an occasional personal or cat pic. 😉

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