Holo-Gradient-Skittle Friday!

Yup, you heard that right. 😉

So, when I was looking at my polishes and realised I had enough similar finish holos to do a rainbow skittle I decided to do just that for the end of the week.

You know, all nails in different scattered holos. (I actually slightly prefer scattered holos to linear holos and the formula is usually easier and the same base and top coat as with “regular” polish is non-problematic to use.)

Teeez Outta Control – Teeez Cool – Catherine Arley No 803 – Catherine Arely No 801

And Teeez Smooth on the thumb.

Having done that, I looked at my nails and thought — “Why not go for a gradient  transition between the colours?”

I absolutely adore the effect! And it wasn’t even particularly difficult to do. 🙂

I could just go on posting pictures of this mani… but I’m gonna stop here. 😉



Summer on the river in the city.


19 thoughts on “Holo-Gradient-Skittle Friday!

    • Catherine Arley lakke Eestist ei leia, need tellisin kunagi veebist. Teeezi vähemalt varem oli Tartu mnt Rosalindis Tallinnas. 🙂

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