Blueberry Holo

You guys, the sun is shining! Wow. I have already embraced autumn in my head, but it seems like we get one more t-shirt and shorts kinda day.

This also means I’m busting out a holo I haven’t tried yet.

Catrice Dirty Berry spent an eternity on my wishlist until I finally got it in June. And yet it managed to spend the summer in my untrieds pile. Weird.

And of course, when I put it on… it was so pretty (plus it has a lovely formula). A blue-toned purple that at least to me seems the exact colour of blueberries (my breakfast berry of choice at the moment 😉 ) chock full of fine subtle holo shimmer.

To be honest, the holo effect is subtle. In a lower light, it’ll look like silver shimmer. But it somehow really works with the slightly muted base colour of the polish making just a charming combination overall. 🙂




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