Autumn in the Nude

Remember early summer? When The Hunger Games collection came out from China Glaze?

One of the polishes was the beautiful nude with a kick Fast Track (which was actually my number one must have from the collection).

I never felt it as a spring/summer polish though… something to do with the gold shimmer, I think.

So here it is in autumn. A welcome break from all the vampies I’ve been wearing lately as well. 😉

This one absolutely lived up to my expectations. 🙂



The City Centre Across the Bay


6 thoughts on “Autumn in the Nude

  1. I was organizing polish the other day and realized that my bottle of Fast Track is half empty. That’s a real rarity. I love it because it’s a cool polish that I can actually wear to work.

    • That’s awesome. I don’t think I have many polishes that can claim a half-empty bottle. What I like about this one, is that it’s like a golden shimmer variant of another old China Glaze neutral with a twist that’s been a favourite for ages — Stellar. 🙂

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