Now that green has left nature, it’s time to have it on my nails. Ok. To be fair, I wore this mani some weeks ago.

Vampy cool green featuring one of my favourite Misas – Toxic Seduction.

Two coats and lovely application. It’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie as well. 🙂

It’s almost teal, but for me personally just a bit too much on the green side to honestly call it anything but a really cool dark green. 😉




3 thoughts on “Green-ish

    • Mina ostsin selle Misa laki Eestist küll, aga ligi kolm aastat tagasi… ja praegu see firma toob sisse ainult geellakke. 😦 Aga kui midagi sarnast otsid, siis hetkel on minut teada päris mitmeid tumerohelisi lakke turul. China Glaze’il näiteks on kindlasti midagi sarnast. 🙂

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