Lady Luck

I remember how excited I was when I bought the Gem Crushes almost a year ago. 🙂 But then my horror of glitter removal came to play and I still haven’t tried all of them…

Still, better later than never and here’s the gorgeous Lady Luck.

Here’s three coats of the lovely raspberry glitter with large holo pieces. Beautiful, but definitely a top coat eater.



I think the last week in September. I already miss summer and flowers…


2 thoughts on “Lady Luck

    • AT 4€ per bottle, they’re actually the cheapest SH polishes sold here! So that didn’t stop me and I got all the five that made up the European release of the collection. 😉

      I’ve been totally meaning to try the peel-off technique. I even both a bottle of PVA glue a while back, but haven’t gotten around to getting an empty nail polish bottle yet. 😛 Probably should as I have so many glitters that get hardly any wear, because I just can’t make myself deal with the removal…

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