Precious Treasure

I bought this polish a little over a year ago and I’ve actually worn it a few times since… never got around to posting about it though!

Despite coming from last year’s fall collection Alessandro’s Precious Treasure reminds me a lot of the gothic, blackened shimmers that so many brands have been putting out this year.

It has a dark navy base with tons of large, flecky green and blue shimmer.

Definitely feeling the inspiration behind the name here… shimmery treasures in the depths of the ocean. Look at me all poetic. 😉

Second consequtive day posting? I’m on a roll! 😀



Something cute to go with something precious.


2 thoughts on “Precious Treasure

  1. I love this Alessandro. To this day it is one of the two I feel were worth my money, and Precious treasure is the winner for certain. It is one gorgeous polish. Haven’t posted it yet either …

    • I totally agree. It’s in my top three Alessandros as well (the other two being Marvellicious Dream and Midnight Hour) though I think that usually Alessandro has really strong LE collections. Affordable and frequent as well. 🙂

      Out of curiosity, what’s the second one worth the money? 🙂

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