That’s it. I’m ordering more A Englands. Ascalon — a charcoal holo with lilac undertones — has to be among my new favourite polishes. I love how in different lighting conditions the underlying lilac peeks out. I also really like how dark it is against my pale skin.

At the moment, this is the darkest holo I own. 🙂

Like with Tristam Eyes, this was again two super easy coats. I really like how A England holos have a no fuss application and I can easily use them with my regular base and top coat.

Time to get some more! 😉



Tristam Eyes

I had a whole other post planned for today, but They arrived! My Legends. 😀

And I couldn’t wait to try out my first A England polish, and immediately put on Princess Sabra aka Tristam Eyes (thus named for the cat-eye green it is).

Ok, so everything I’d read about it is true. The application was creamy buttery perfection in two coats. 🙂

And my little princess approves.

And I think it matches her eyes as well. 😉

So I utterly adore this polish and I’m already thinking I should do another little haul from A England…


Meanwhile, the Alessandro spring collection Track Me has arrived in Estonia and there are some spectacular polishes there… one gorgeous duochrome especially. Be on the look-out for my choices!

Here’s a little peek-a-boo!