Multichromes and a Little Bit of Fashion

Hi there. My name is … and I’m a nail polish addict. I especially love multichromes and holographic polishes, but who doesn’t? 😉

So I was really excited when I spotted a “special effect” topper from Look by BIPA in a store in Austria. It kinda looked like it belonged to the legendary Orly Cosmic FX collection only even more complex.

It’s called Metallic Hollogram (yes, it says “hollogram”) and it basically looks like tons of green, teal, blue, plum, purple foil particles and microglitter with the overall look of switching between cool green and plum purple.

This is a stunner! And super sparkly to boot. I only wish that companies would understand what holographic means with polishes… I mean this is very multicoloured and definitely metallic, but it’s not a holo polish by any stretch of the word.

There was no sun, so I took another pic in artificial light to show off the sparklies. 😀 The light makes it look warmer than it ever is, the overall effect of the polish is consistently that of a cool shade. 😉

BTW. Here’s me. I’ve never been a shorts kind of girl… preferring dresses and skirts, but for some reason my most worn item of clothing this summer has been a pair of denim shorts. Both in the heatwaves and the cool weather of late. 🙂

I guess I’m being converted to pants. 😛 Question time! What’s your favourite item of clothing this summer?






June Haul

Ooooh! Finally a non-challenge post. 😀 So… here are the polishes I picked up in June (even despite my polish-buying slump 😛 ).

I have no idea when I’ll have the time to wear these though… my untrieds pile is nearing 50 by now. o_0

Teeez Free and Cool, Catrice Dirty Berry and Genius in a Bottle

LCN (unnamed/numbered), Look by Bipa Special Effect Metallic Holographic, Essence Wake Up! and A Lovely Secret

China Glaze Stone Cold, Fast Track, Liquid Crystal and Glam-More

China Glaze I’m With the Lifeguard, Sun-Kissed, Surfin’ for Boys, Flirty Tankini, Love’s a Beach

Whooh! So, what where your favourite purchases for June?


p.s. My second Mika show and still as awesome as I remembered! My feet still hurt from all that jumping yesterday. 😀

Green, Olive Green

So, this made me chuckle a little, thinking that might actually be someone’s name. 😀 What I’m wearing today is one of those why-on-Earth-didn’t-I-try-this-sooner polishes from my untrieds pile.

I picked up Look by Bipa’s No 101 in Vienna sometime in July/August. It was the sole non-pink/red polish in the stand and immediately caught my attention.

And then I promptly forgot about it when I got home. 😛 And I don’t know why!

It’s a two-coater and the shimmer particles are big enough that’s it’s brush stroke free.

Ungh. Yellow-toned and glowy. Pretty. 🙂 I don’t know what the little bumps are, but they disappeared completely once the mani was dry.