Gold Fleck’d Black

My love. 🙂 Completely. Black cremes with gold flecks are definitely and without a doubt some of the prettiest (and yet edgiest) polishes around.

So, why did I not put Gold Old Buffy as my first from Essence’s Vampire’s Love collection? Probably as it’s not the most awesome representative of that finish I own. My love for these kinds of polishes started when I went through the drama of ordering Ciate’s Twilight (btw, what’s up with all the vampire references with polishes like these?) online a year and a half ago and my package got misplaced and I had to reorder, etc…

The polish itself was awesome though. Another one of these is Alessandro’s Marvelicious Dream, which was one of my top ten polishes for 2011…

How do all these compare, I asked myself.

First of all, Ciate has the prettiest bottle, Alessandro  is the smallest and Essence the biggest. That aside… 😉

Twilight is the darkest here and the most pigmented. Gold Old Buffy is (I can’t really call it the lightest) the least saturated and has the largest flecks. It’s also the sheerest, but still completely opaque at two coats.

And Marevlicious Dream is a dream! 😀 It is the brightest, most saturated and glowy. It also has the easiest formula to work with. (Taking into consideration that it also has the smallest bottle at 5ml it’s also five times as expensive per ml as Gold Old Buffy.)

No doubt in my mind that while I love all of these pretty babies, Marvelicious Dream wins this race hands down.

Check out the individual posts for these — Ciate, Essence, Alessandro — and have a look at them all together again.

Heee. 🙂 I need two more and then I can go for an actual ombre with these. Any recs? 😉



My Concession to Halloween ;)

So, as Halloween is not really celebrated here, I didn’t want to do anything over the top and went with a really subtle design. I hope. 😉

I used one coat of Ciate’s 3 AM Girl — a near black navy creme — for my underwear. Added a coat of Alix Avien No 187 — a gorgeous dark blue jelly with tiny pieces of silver glitter that is sadly discontinued.

Ungh! Trust me, this Alix Avien is very very pretty!

Well, then I went Halloween on it with China Glaze’s Millennium  — a silver chrome — and the spiderweb image from one of the old Bundle Monster plates.

Too busy, right? So I added a matte top coat. 🙂 And voila!

And there you have it.

Happy Halloween! 🙂


p.s. Still reminding you to check out these pics of my home town! 🙂

Spaced Out

What a more perfect polish for a warm and sunny spring day. NYX Girls Frizz Spots is a vampy black sheer base with tons (and I do mean tons) of chunky holo glitter in large and small hex pieces.

It’s absolutely amazing on nails. I do recommend wearing underwear with this one. I wore it once (at three coats) without and it still had some uneven patches as the base colour of it is quite sheer.

Today, I wore it at two coats of Frizz Spots over one coat of Ciate 3 AM Girl. 3 AM Girl is a super dark, near-black navy creme and I was hoping it would add some depth to the brown-based black base of Frizz Spots.



Personally, I think this is an insanely sparkly beauty, and a must have for any lover of space-in-a -bottle type of polishes.

I feel pretty lucky I didn’t walk into anything or anybody when outside today, because I definitely kept on staring at my nails. 😉


Black and Gold Ain’t Spring Colours

But I love the combo anyway! 😉

So, I was thinking that with all the sun lately, I’d reswatch the polishes I’ve worn during winter to do them justice. Then, of course, I figured that if lucky, we have about 80ish days of sunshine ahead and I have nearly 200 polishes and buying more all the time. Um, yeah. So much about that idea.

But I still want to revisit some of my absolute favourites from time to time.

This is Ciate’s Twilight — gold irregular glitter in a black base. I keep on repeating myself, but I love Ciate polishes. The bottle design, the cap, the brush (OMG, the brush) and the formula are all fantastic. If it weren’t for the price tag, I’d go after the entire line.

This is only one coat, btw.

And just to add a little spring to this winter glam of a polish, I stamped it with little flowers using a Bundle Monster plate together with the golden Flormal Nail Art polish.

Pink Wednesday, coming up next!


p.s. Estonian ladies, I just got a call that China Glaze’s Crackle collection is now available at BeautyPro! 😀

3 AM Showers

It’s that time again. Nubbins time. 🙂 I love nubbins, I’m usually just too lazy to keep my nails constantly short. 😛

Really short nails also means that dark polish looks cute, not über-vampy. In my opinion, anyway. 😉

I wore Ciate’s 3 am Girl to inaugurate my new shorties.

What colour do you think this is supposed to be? Dark navy is the answer. Well, because I know it’s supposed to be a dark blue, I can see a hint of it there. But even in the brightest sunlight, most people are gonna think it’s a black. A blue-toned black, though.

This was two coats, and as usual, Ciate formula was buttery excellence and, for me, they have the best brushes I’ve encountered.

I wanted to liven it up a little (spring and all ;)) and added SpaRitual’s Shower the People on top. Shower the People looks like a fairy tale in the bottle — all swirls of bright purple shimmer in a clear base — but it’s really subtle on the nail.


Taupe vs. Taupe

I thought I’d gather up some of my taupe cremes for a small comparison. So, the contestants today:

Eyeko Posh Polish, Ciate Fade to Greige, China Glaze Below Deck, Alessandro Dancing Queen, Alessandro Dusty Purple

All of these, except Posh Polish, are taupes with a hint of purple. All are cremes and pictured at one coat. I painted my nails in the same order as the bottle shot.

Posh is the lightest and a true taupe with no hints of purple. Dusty Purple is the darkest, but the contrast isn’t as pronounced in real life as in pictures.

The most similar of these are Fade to Greige, Below Deck and Dancing Queen.

Fade to Greige has the least amount of purple and Dancing Queen has the most. Dancing Queen also has a really lovely hidden shimmer to it! But in all fairness, without direct light to bring out the shimmer in Dancing Queen most people couldn’t tell the difference between these on the nail.

I wanted to include Barry M’s Dusky Mauve in this as well, but unfortunately I don’t have six fingers. 😛 The base colour of it is ridiculously close to the Ciate polish though. Just add purple shimmer.

Now, which do you have; which do you like?


Lava on Mud

Yup. That’s what it looks like to me. 😉

So I wore Ciate’s Fade to Greige just over two days and still didn’t want to take it off! So I decided to add a little somthing on top of it. Layering over taupes isn’t probably the wisest thing in the world, but that’s what I did…. 😛

I wanted something with a sheer base that wouldn’t hide this awesome taupe of Ciate’s. And I kinda missed wearing flakies. So I looked into my stockpile of flakies and narrowed it down to four clear base ones. From those, I went with Make Up Store Lava — clear base with what looks like red-purple-blue opalescent flakies and shimmer in a clear base.

This is two coats and I must say I kinda like how subtle this is. However, of course, I couldn’ leave it alone and just had to add a matte top coat.

For some reason, making things matte, made the flakies switch to showing a whole of lot orange instead of the red-to-blue of before. Don’t know why. So it isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I sorta like it. I think. Possibly.