Let’s Be Glittery

I kinda have a crush on glitter tips. And a combo of bright teal and bright purple sounded irresistible to me, so…

Over Color Clubs Gossip Column I sponged my tips with a BYS Nail Art polish in Glitter Purlpe (wish it were less sheer, but the colour is gorgeous nonetheless!).

And then dug out the polish I seem to be using only in the vicinity of Valentine’s Day — Carlo di Roma’s Bubble Polish, which is unnamed, but basically small teal hex glitter and hearts in a sheer base. It really is lovely and the small ball-shaped bottle is super cute.

And I don’t know what happened with the lighting here, but:

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 😀



It’s Teal Time

I’ve been ditching the blue/green/purples that originally got me into nail polish for more traditional shades lately it seems to me…

Wearing the gorgeous kelly green of Sinful’s Rise and Shine the other day reminded me that I still have a soft spot for these colours and I dug out a Color Club I haven’t worn for ages.

Gossip Column is a gorgeous and smooth blue-side teal creme. Perfect in two coats and the exact colour of my bedroom walls. 😉

I really love remembering and revisiting polishes I’d almost forgotten about. 😀


P.S. And omg it’s such a beautiful day. All sparkly white snow, blue skies and sunshine. Makes me smile… 😀

Teal Cremes Comparison

Teal. Blue and green. What’s not to love?

Here’s are three beautiful teal cremes from my collection.

Left-to-right: Color Club Gossip Column, Bell GlamWear No 513, H&M Moody Model, Bell GlamWear No 513

Gossip Column is the bluest, Moody Model the greenest. Which of course, makes the Bell polish my favourite with its perfect balance of blue and green. 🙂


Color Club Gossip Column

I love the name of this polish. Who doesn’t like a little gossip once in a while.

I really felt like wearing a creme after my stints with various glitters, foils, flakies lately. I mean, they’re all gorgeous, but sometimes I want to feel peaceful when I look at my nails. And I want to have a pleasant nail polish removal experience. 😛

So I decided to put on Gossip Column from Color Club — a medium blue side teal creme, which was a solid two-coater.



Goldilocks would have been pleased with this polish; it gets everything just right — pigmentation, formula, brush.

Gossip Column is my first Color Club polish and if the rest of them are as good formula and pigmentation wise, I need more. A lot more!

I’m going browsing through Color Club swatches right now, because, as I said, I need more. 😀



I get my Color Club polishes from eBay seller beautyzone2007.