Redcurrant Jelly

If ever there was a more accurately named polish…

Maybelline Colorama Redcurrant Jelly is a deep vampy red jelly. Pretty much the exact colour of its namesake (I love redcurrant jelly!) and with an easy two coat formula.

Probably the reason why I still own it and love it. It is almost a decade old, after all, and one of the oldest polishes I own…

It also goes very well with my current favourite — MAC Viva Glam I lippie. 😉




Summery Coral in Nostalgia

I absolutely feel not like wearing summer colours anymore. But I still have several to try out. Some from last summer even. 😮

Like this one. Colorama Peach Cocktail (in the old bottle).

I honestly can’t think of a good enough reason why it took me over two summers to give this stunning coral glassfleck shimmer a chance. It’s a lovely two coat formula and all around beautiful summer polish.

I think it must have been the bottle. I have an irrational dislike for the old Colorama bottles. Then again, I’m pretty excited for the new bottle design and collection. 🙂 Though I’ve yet to pick up any.

My collection of traditional polish colours is truly growing rapidly. Weird. I don’t know many people who move from untraditional blues, greens etc to traditional reds, pinks and corals. 😛 Usually it’s the other way around. 😉



Holo-Gradient-Skittle Friday!

Yup, you heard that right. 😉

So, when I was looking at my polishes and realised I had enough similar finish holos to do a rainbow skittle I decided to do just that for the end of the week.

You know, all nails in different scattered holos. (I actually slightly prefer scattered holos to linear holos and the formula is usually easier and the same base and top coat as with “regular” polish is non-problematic to use.)

Teeez Outta Control – Teeez Cool – Catherine Arley No 803 – Catherine Arely No 801

And Teeez Smooth on the thumb.

Having done that, I looked at my nails and thought — “Why not go for a gradient  transition between the colours?”

I absolutely adore the effect! And it wasn’t even particularly difficult to do. 🙂

I could just go on posting pictures of this mani… but I’m gonna stop here. 😉



Summer on the river in the city.

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

Oooh! Almost there! So when I thought about this task of the challenge, I immediately thought dark and gloomy and possibly ghosts or the like… But to be honest, it’s the summer, and I don’t want to do dark and gloomy.



I painted my nails with two coats of this über-cheap light green scattered holo I picked up at a random store a couple of years ago. It’s called HoloNails 3D H8.

Then I used a dotting tool and Orly’s Fresh to add the flubber tips.

Love it!

Even if today’s not the best day for holos… there’s this amazing thunderstorm outside. Flashing and flashing. My cat’s face is priceless and she refuses to leave my lap, my thighs will bear the marks of her claws for several days now. 😛


Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Ok, so it’s supposedly summer, and I wanted to do something summery. 🙂 So I allowed myself to be inspired by one of my favourite Beatles songs

I still wanted to keep it kinda low key (instead of psychedelic) so I started with a sort of blank canvas.

This is GOSH Miss Sweety, which is a gorgeous peachy nude and I always avoid it because I think peachy nudes don’t suit me… until I put it on for a layering or something and am reminded of how much I love it.

And then there’s a moment of regret I’m not wearing it on its own.

I went on to stamp red strawberries using China Glaze Hey Sailor and an older BM plate.

And then finally used my trusty toothpick method to add leaves and dots in Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Colorama Redcurrant Jelly to make the strawberries look more like… well, strawberries, instead of random red blobs of colour.

And there you go! I’m quite liking this one. 🙂


Day 7: Black

And here I have my pick for the seventh day of the challenge: black.

This is two coats of the 0.7€ Aden Cosmetics polish without name or serial number… I’ve shown it before but I couldn’t resist putting it on again.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this polish!

I think it’s my absolute favourite black with glitter. The multicoloured glitter is perfect and stunning and the polish is impossibly gorgeous. It’s also a tiny tiny 5ml bottle which I’m almost out of and I have no idea where to get another one. 😥 I should have picked up at least three of these!

I mean… we didn’t have any sunlight today, so these are in-shade pictures and look how the glitter still pops! ♥


Love Those Ugly/Pretty Things

Today, I have a polish and a story. 🙂 (I guess I feel like writing longer things on the blog since I’m procrastinating from writing my thesis.)

First. The polish. One Week’s No 32, which I thought would be a slightly darker version of American Apparel’s Trench Coat. Well, it dries darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, so it’s not that.

What it is still awesome. You know the colour, right? The slightly greenish brown that makes you think of … 😉 It’s not a pretty colour, and not for everyone, but that’s what I like about it.

Two coats, but could have gotten away with one.



Now, for the story. There’s this place in Tallinn’s Old Town. I can’t even call it a bar or a pub. It’s a basement. Centuries old basement with limestone walls and sparse beat up real wood furniture. With an equally beat up bar with old-school punkish bartenders you know by name. The choice of liquid is beer from the tap, hard cider from the tap and the only cocktails they know are screwdrivers and rum and coke.

Get any sort of picture?

It’s the place where you go when everything else is closed for the night as it’s always open til morning. There are punks and Goths and nowadays a ton of early twenties hipster crowd. It’s the only bar in Tallinn where you can still smoke indoors. The desks are bolted to the stone floor with heavy iron chains.

It’s packing at around 2-3 am and you always make new friends-for-the-night there.

Sometimes they have film-nights in the back room showing weird 70s  cult stuff. I’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby and Foxy Brown and way more obscure old sexploitation movies there…

It opens when the bartenders wake up at around 3-4 in the afternoon. And then it’s empty. And regulars get pots of all kinds of tea or coffee for free. With mismatched and chipped mugs. It’s dark and dingy without windows and a strong Medieaval basement feel (which it is, actually) and an awesome place to sit and chat quietly. (In the afternoon, that is.)

And you have to know where the bar is. ’cause there aren’t any signs. Just stairs and a door leading underground on a random corner in the Old Town.

This is where I like to meet up with my sister and her crowd:

I’ve spent countless hours drinking pot after pot of oolong or rooibos and chatting there during the day. And drinking the same (not so good) hard cider during the night.

Any favourite bars for you? 🙂

(I guess I felt like story time, since I’ve been working like crazy for a few months and haven’t been able to go out…)