Watermelon. Again

So what do you do when you’re wearing a pink called Watermelon and have a polish called Watermelon Rind in your collection?

You make watermelon nails. 😉

This was freehand over a base of Essie Watermelon with Sinful Colors Innocent, China Glaze Watermelon Rind and a black nail art polish from Flormal.

Yum! 😉 (And speaking of yum, there’s a delicious carrot cake my sister made for me…)




Almost Over Watermelon

I’m still working myself through my summer polishes. Here’s an Essie I picked up at a clearance sale in spring.

Two coats of Essie Watermelon, which the most perfect watermelon pink. Seriously. It’s the exact colour of the juiciest watermelon you can think of.

Kinda makes me crave some even if I’m more of a regular melon kinda girl.

Yum! Autumnal food, anyone? 😉



What’s the best brand for red?

For me, it’s undoubtedly Essie.

Out of all the major brands, I consider Essie the most traditional with their numerous reds, nudes, berries and pinks.

While that’s usually not my cup of tea… sometimes a girl gets in the mood for a red.

Essie Geranium is a gorgeous glossy orange-red creme. There’s something really retro and lovely about it. 🙂


My Perfect Nude

After a search spanning years… I’ve found it. My perfect nude. Unsurprisingly it comes from Essie and it’s called Cafe Forgot.

I love everything about from the perfect application to the sheer pinkish beige colour with tiny silver shimmer. I imagine this would look great as a French topper, but I used three coats to get it to almost opaque.

It looks squishy and awesome and gives me the best mannequin hands. 🙂 I’m not often in the mood for something this subtle on my nails, but I am so glad my search is over. Enough of the near-matches that clash with my skintone and I’ve never worn again. Cafe Forgot is here to stay. 😀


I am now going on lock-down. Or hyperdrive. Or something. I have a week to finish my Master’s thesis and I’m slightly insane atm. 😉

Luckily, I have a few polish-posts still in the queue, but I don’t foresee much polish-changing until I’m done and can breathe again.


Wild in Theory

Since Essie polishes are not going to be imported to Estonia anymore, they are having a sale at BeautyPro and getting rid of everything they have in stock. So, sometime in January I picked up a few polishes on a whim. Randomly picking up polishes can always be a hit or miss situation.

I’m kinda on the fence about this one. Essie’s Wild Thing — deep cool red shimmer with holo microglitter. This looked completely amazing in the bottle. All shimmery and multicoloured and…

…on the nails it’s a pretty average red shimmer, in my opinion. 😦 Not “bad” in any way sense of the word, just a let down when compared to the potential of the bottle.

What really got to me was that on the nails, the tiny holo glitter pieces were barely visible at all.

Um. So while this is honestly a pretty polish, my initial disappointment is clouding my judgement, I think. Perhaps I should give it some time and then try it again… 🙂


(It’s just it’s so so pretty in the bottle. *sigh*)

Everything Is Rosy

This is a mani I did on a whim and didn’t expect to love as much as I did. I ended up wearing this for five whole days and only took it off at the first signs of tip wear.

This is three coats of Essie’s St. Martin Mint — a pastel yellow-green creme with a hidden shimmer. Super pretty and really unique on its own. I stamped it with brown roses using Nubar’s Milk Chocolate and Konad plate m65.



Nothing more to add, really. 🙂 Just loved wearing this.


Not-So-Green Cremes Comp.

I love green polish. You know that, of course. 😉 Today, I’m showing and comparing some of my favourite muted, or slightly “off” greens.

Mavala Bronze Green, Models Own Grace Green, Essie Sew Psyched, Make Up Store Maria

All pretty different and totally awesome. Bronze Green and Sew Psyched have a hidden shimmer that looks awesome in sunshine. I think colour-wise, Maria is the most interesting of these though… it’s unlike anything I have or have seen.

Which is your favourite?