The Definition of Vamp

I love those little Eyeko bottles with their custom labels and once upon a time I tried to collect them all.

I almost succeeded, but came up a couple short when they discontinued the polish line. 😦  Oh, how I still long for Coral and Tea Rose to complete my collection.

Still. Vampira is gorgeous and one of my first Eyekos.


Ain’t it pretty with its red shimmer in a black base? I know there are many like it, but this was my first and the name puts it over the top for me. 🙂


Sigh. I can’t believe it’s been years…





Black & White Challenge – Day 2

Here’s my entry for Day 2 – White on Black.

 For the second challenge, I used two coats of Eyeko’s Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails. This polish is so pretty it makes me sad that I didn’t get a backup while it was still possible to buy Eyeko polishes. 😦 Here it is without top coat:

 I mean utterly stunning. 🙂 To add the “white” part of this challenge, I used white rose water decals that I received from Viva La Nails. I like how delicate the white lines are — they’re there, but don’t hind the lovely tiny holo glitter of Cosmic.

Mmm… makes me so happy spring is almost round the corner and I can look at this mani in actual sunshine tomorrow. 🙂

You can find more information on the challenge, plus all the bloggers playing along HERE. 🙂



This will forever be the perfect indigo shimmer for me. I haven’t worn Eyeko’s Indigo — a dark blurple base with glowing blue shimmersince autumn, but the moment I put this on, I remembered why I consider this amongst the prettiest “simple” polishes I’ve seen.

This photo is taken in low, late evening sunlight, so it doesn’t really even do the intense shimmer justice. This is, however, one of those polishes I highly recommend to blue lovers.


It’s Rainin’!

Sorry for the silence, I was feeling like a little break from the internets. And from polishing as well.

When I realised Friday that we were heading for a weekend of rainy, overcast and downright depressing weather, I threw on two coats of Eyeko’s Rain and a coat of Make Up Store Lava over it. A day later, I mattified the mani.

This is is what I’ve been wearing for the past three days.

Pics are taken on the third day of wear, so the matte is more like satin by now, but you get the idea. 😉

Ugh. I hope to see the sun again soon.


Sugary Sweet Dotting

This mani is so sweet that I’m making myself nauseous. 😛 I wanted to something fun with my new dotting tool — Yup, finally got one — and this is what I came up with for the trial run.

I started with two coats of OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude? — a baby blue creme. This one was surprising for me, I both expected it to be paler and more pastel and have a worse application. As is the perogative of pastels.

I really can’t consider What’s With the Cattitude? a pastel though. At least not on my skin tone. It really is more of a baby blue.

And then I used my brand new dotting tool to create a sort of funky French using Alix Avien No 60 (a white creme) and Eyeko Punk (a neon pink creme).

In real life, the pink is blindingly vivid, so this is a real eye catcher.

Can’t wait to play more!


Easter Konads

I had so many ideas about what I wanted to do for Easter. I could not make up my mind, so I ended up doing a whole bunch of them at once. 😛

I started out with pastel skittles (and boy, were the pastels difficult to choose as I have so many I love).

Eyeko Pastel, O.P.I Rumple’s Wiggin, Depend No 210, Eyeko Vintage

I’m also wearing the same Depend yellow on my thumb. All are three coats except Rumple’s Wiggin, which is two.

There was never sun today, but after this pic, things got pre-thunderstorm dark, so I appologise for the high ISO grainy nature of the next pics. 😦

I went to work with two BM plates, Konad m65 and Depend’s White Crackle Effect.

I used White Crackle on my thumb, Alessandro’s Turquoise Ocean for the blue, China Glaze’s Grape Pop for the purple, Konad White for the white and Manhattan No 87D for the darker dusty mint.


Elegant, Posh, etc.

I know that taupes are a relatively new trend. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out why they haven’t been around for ages. I honestly cannot think of a more elegant shade, which goes with absolutely everything and is so flattering.

A perfect example is Eyeko’s Posh Polish for Ladylike Nails. This is one of the lightest taupe cremes I have and it’s absolutely lovely.

I definitely hope taupes are here to stay, but unfortunately, by now, it’s nearly impossible to come up with a “new” shade of taupe, so I doubt I’ll be buying up any more of these polishes. I feel like I have plenty in all shapes and sizes. 😉