Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

Ok, so this was a hot mess! 😛 I wanted to do an argyle pattern, which being a strange choice for summer I wanted to do in light colours…

I painted my nails with BYS Colour Change Glitter Purple (one of my favourite girly polishes) and then added the pattern using two Flormal Nail Art polishes — a golden one and a black one.

Now, while the black offered a ton of contrast, the pale lilac/pink and gold just looked too much alike from afar to really tell there was a pattern. 😦

Still, an argyle pattern is something I’d like to try again. Probably in the fall with stronger colours. 😉



Day 16: Tribal Print

This part of the challenge gave me an anxiety attack already in advance. I know I don’t have any image plates with patterns I could use, so I knew this would mean freehand.

Eeek. Me+freehand does not equal a good combo.

In the end, I decided to keep it as subtle as possible while borrowing sorta tribal elements.

I painted my nails using the gorgeous and unique putty green that is Make Up Store Maria. Then I added uneven peachy-nude stripes using a toothpick
(again) and GOSH Miss Sweety. I painted on a zig-zag pattern using a black nail art polish from Flormal and then finally, added pea-soup green dots using American Apparel MacArthur Park.

It’s busy and subtle at the same time, and despite being a hot mess I kinda like it. 😀


Day 13: Animal Print

Here’s another one I love — animal prints! When I decided to do this challenge… I had the idea of doing zebra stripes for the animal print part (as I haven’t tried that stamp yet) but I felt it would be too close to the previous task.

So, instead I did a leopard spots mani over the gorgeous OPI Warm & Fozzie (seriously love for this polish!):

I sponged on a little bit of China Glaze’s Swing Baby to add a little bit of slightly different colour and then added the leopard spots using a black nail art polish and Konad.

I felt this was a bit too blingy for me though and the spots didn’t show up well enough, so I mattiefied the entire thing.

Much better! And I can see myself not wanting to take off this one as well. 😉


Updating… with Flakes

My first reaction when wanting to update an lighter many this winter has been.. Snow Globe. 🙂 This time, I managed to resist and reached for my sadly little used bottle of Nfu-Oh No. 48 — peach to pink flakies and white shimmer in a sheer pink base — instead.

As already traditional with flakies, I then mattified the entire thing using Flormal’s Matte Top Coat to try it out as a really cheap alternative to the Nubar one I’ve been using. Works like a charm! 😉

I’ve been neglecting my flakies lately… and yet they are so pretty. 😀

I really loved this matte. 🙂 My nails looked positively metallic most of the time.


Mmmm… Duochrome

My favourite polish in January. And my favourite for far from Flormal’s Miracle Colors line. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails the entire time I wore the bautiful U16. And I wore it for quite a few days. 😉

This is a lilac to blue foil. Yum! Kinda like Sally Hansen’s DVD, but the other way round…

I thought this was going to be really sheer on the first coat (again, similarly to DVD) but the formula was superb and easy to work with and three coats was all I needed.

This lasted well as well.

Basically, this applied well, lasted well, was impossibly cheap at under two euros, and… it’s outstandingly pretty. What’s not to love here?? 😀

Now, I take my picstures under a “daylight” lamp, but with duochromes, they really show their best colours (so to speak) under shaded daylight. So here’s a photo of that variety as well.

Have I convinced you yet that you need to check out this line from Flormal? 😉


Back to … Red

So, here’s the deal for those who are email subscribed. I deleted my previous post of this polish and redid it using a different photo size and watermarking.

All’s new in the new year. Including my commitment to keeping this blog updated regularly.

So, here you have another red from the girl who used to have an allergy towards traditional colours. Sign of growing up, right? 😉

This is two coats of Flormal’s U12 — a gorgeous red wine foil from the Miracle Colours line. Very easy to apply and lasting power is good on me (I wore this for nearly a week…)

Have a closer look:

I’m totally enamored with their Miracle Colours line! 🙂 So sparkly, so long lasting and for a great price. They’re 1.89 € in L Cosmetics stores in Tallinn in January! 😉


As you can see, I’ve decided to change my photo format. I’m still using the same camera, but changed to a super-macro setting and a larger picture format . 🙂 Hope you like it!


Miracle Colours

Here’s one of the four polishes I got from Flormal’s Miracle Colours line — U10. This is a very autumny golden foil that while warm manages not to clash with my skin tone. Go figure. 🙂

Good application in three coats and fast dry-time. The wear is good on this as well.

I wore this way back when this still matched the leaves on trees and there’s was occasional sunshine…. Looking at it now reminds me of that. 🙂

Acts a counter-agent to the horrible rainy sleet-mush we’ve got going right now. Should wear it again soon!

I’m being pretty good right now! Let’s hope I can keep this up. 🙂