Day 5: Blue

I couldn’t even remotely decide which of my blues to wear for this part of the challenge. I mean, I adore blue.

So I wore five of them! 😀

From pinky to-thumb: OPI What’s With the Cattitude? – China Glaze Flying High – Alessandro Turquoise Ocean – H&M Blue My Mind – Barry M Cobalt Blue.

And here’s an über-rare shot with thumb included!

I ♥ blue! 😀



Blue My Mind

In continuing with the blues, today I’m wearing another H&M polish — Blue My Mind, which is a blue creme in the most amazing shade. It doesn’t really translate well to photos, but it is very vivid almost blurple electric blue. Absolutely gorgeous.

This was perfect in two coats.

My problem is that as with my previous experience with H&M polishes, this chipped in the matter of a few hours. 😦 😦

I love love love the colour so much though, that I’m hoping somebody can rec me a dupe from a better quality brand. Pretty please? 🙂


No More Mambo Jambo

I picked up H&M’s No More Mambo Jambo in January, but never got round to wearing it until now.

This was two coats of perfect buttery application.

This is an absolutely gorgeous jungle green shimmer. Polishes that mix blue and green are my favourite kinds of colours, so naturally I kept on staring at it as long as I had it on. 🙂 It’s ever so slightly more green-toned irl.

The polish actually reminds me strongly of China Glaze’s Turned Up Turquoise… I don’t think they’re dead on dupes as No More Mambo Jambo, while very bright, is not a neon, but they’re definitely siblings.

This polish would get really high marks for me, but unfortunately it failed in the lasting department. Major chipping in 24hrs.


Teal Cremes Comparison

Teal. Blue and green. What’s not to love?

Here’s are three beautiful teal cremes from my collection.

Left-to-right: Color Club Gossip Column, Bell GlamWear No 513, H&M Moody Model, Bell GlamWear No 513

Gossip Column is the bluest, Moody Model the greenest. Which of course, makes the Bell polish my favourite with its perfect balance of blue and green. 🙂


Swedish Haul!

You’d think in a city with that many stores, I could find more polish… But really, I concentrated solely on polishes I cannot get here. And I’m totally not used to the small size of Swedish (and European) polishes combined with  their price tag.  They’re freakin’ tiny! Really pretty though! 🙂

Here’s what I got:

From left to right: Mavala Green Bronze, Mavala Smoky Blue, Depend White Crackle, Depend Red Crackle, Depend No 210, Depend No 041, Depend No 209, Snowcrystal No 446, H&M No Mambo Jambo, H&M Moody Model, H&M Blue My Mind

Obviously, still fond of mostly blue and green. 🙂


p.s. And my mani held up absolutely perfectly!