Green Based Duochrome Take Four

Here’s yet another one of the Misslyn duochromes from my stash. 🙂 This is Leguan. It is not a Peridot dupe, but in the same family. I’m pretty sure even if not a dupe, it’s pretty damn close to another one of the new China Glaze duochromes.

This polish moves from blue-teal-green-to-olive.

Gorgeous. In some lights it’ll be a yellow-toned green, in others a seafoam-y blue.

And, why, yes, I took a ton of pictures. 😉

I mean, so pretty!

Ok. I think I’m done with my Misslyns for now. Though I’ve yet to try them over black… 😉



Here Be Duochrome

This seems to be the autumn of duochromes (I wanted to say “fall”, but that really wouldn’t have worked here 😉 ) so I busted out one of my pretty Misslyns I haven’t shown on this blog yet.

Feast your eyes on Blue Planet.  A turquoise to purple duochrome shimmer that’s pretty much  amazing.

The colour shift is really strong and the formula is just lovely.

As per usual, the duochrome is at its strongest in low and/or indirect light… however, the colour is beautiful even when looking like a straight up shimmer in direct sunlight.

This polish pretty much slays me. I love that unlike most duo- and multichromes I own this is really opaque and I could actually get away with one thicker coat though I went for two for the pictures. 🙂


Elfin Butterfly

Ok, so the name of this polish sounds like a nasty Lord of the Rings fanfic, but that doesn’t make Misslyn’s Elfin Butterfly any less beautiful.

This is my second polish from the LE Peacock collection, and it’s a complete stunner similarly to it’s sibling Chameleon, which I showed you yesterday.

Two-three coats and lovely formula. I love this shade for spring! It’s like a sparkly neutral duochrome with it’s olive green to warm pink shift.

And look, no brushtrokes!

Just as reflective and mirror-like in the shade as Chamelon too.

Unfortunately, I did manage to smudge my middle finger a bit as it was drying:

Kind of sad. 😦 But still, at the moment I’m utterly in love with my nails.

I seriously can’t decide which of my Misslyn duochromes I like more! And I bet trying Leguan will only make things more complicated. 😉

One of these days I really must try them over black as well… I mean if the duochrome is this visible on its own… imagine it over black. 😀



Stunning! That’s what it is! Misslyn’s Chameleon, that is. If it’s really dupe-y for Peridot I can definitely understand what all the fuss was about.

The LE stand told to layer this over black, but I wanted a feel for the polish itself, so I wore it on its own. Glad I did!

I mean… UNGH! Here it is a three coats and a picture perfect formula. I thought it would be brush-stroke-y, but no, this tries to just a perfect shimmer.

It’s actually so reflective and mirror-like in indirect light that it reminds me of some of the chromes I’ve tried. I actually wouldn’t hesitate to call it a faux-chrome duochrome. And the effect from antique gold to vivid green is strong! As in always present and visible.

It sparkles like crazy in direct light to boot!

I can’t even decide how I like it more — direct-light sparkly or indirect-light mirrory. 😉

I’ve worn it for two days now and no chips in sight, so yay! for the lasting power as well.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come (and Chameleon as it compares to it’s siblings. She’s in the middle.)

I cannot wait to try the rest of these Misslyn duochromes! 😀


The Killers of No-Buy (a.k.a. Duochromes)

I have too many polishes! Seriously, I’m running out of space to put them and nails to wear them on.  So I’ve officially been on a no-buy (with a couple of exceptions) for nearly a month now. And I was doing so well too, until I saw a new brand today in the store — I mean, a new line of polish for me (OMG!) and there was a LE collection too.

And get this, they were duochromes! (That was the sign of my downfall.)

Cue hyperventilating and all that. 😉

Ok, so I gather the brand is German, it’s called Misslyn. The bottles are 10ml, which is entirely normal for a European brand. There were tons of pretty polishes in the core line as well, but I only picked up one from there (Blue Planet) and the rest were from the LE Peacock collection.

Have a look!

Left-to-right: 720 (Elfin Butterfly), 722 (Chameleon), 729 (Leguan) from the LE Peacock Collection and 595 (Blue Planet) from the core line.


Elfin Butterlfy and Chameleon

Leguan and Blue Planet

Don’t you just love when you randomly find polishes like these? 😀 I know I do, even if my wallet and storage situation don’t. 😛

Btw, I’m pretty sure that Chameleon is another of Chanel Peridot dupes. Just FYI. 😉