Nfu-Oh, Long Time No See

Seems like the polishing world has recently been overtaken by flakies. Everybody’s coming out with their own. That has inspired me to dig out some older Nfu-Ohs I haven’t worn in ages.

First up — No 60 — classic orange-to-green large flakies in a sheer black jelly base.

The last time I wore this was nearly two years ago (pre-blog) and then I used a layer over black and was disappointed. I mean, it was gorgeous, but just one layer over black made it look pretty much exactly like every sheer orange-to-green flakie I’ve seen (Nubar 2010, GOSH Rainbow etc).

So, today, I decided to wear it on its own.

It took three coats to get it opaque and OMG it’s so much better like this. 😀 I am in love all over again. The sheer black base allows all the layers of flakies to shine through and it has just this gorgeous depth to it.

Never again wasting this on layering. It deserves to be worn on its own. And with the 17ml Nfu-Oh bottles, I’m not gonna run out any time soon. 😉

And wow, this was so anti-Easter in colour selection that I can’t even… 😛 I’m gonna try for a more traditional Easter mani tomorrow. 😀



Black & White Challenge – Day 7

From the very beginning of this challenge, I knew what I wanted to do for this day. 🙂

Here’s my entry for Day 7 – Black and White with Glitter.

About a year ago, I bought a jar of loose black holo glitter from Nfu-Oh and I’ve only worn it once since getting it… And I’ve been meaning to try it over white for ages. 🙂 So, I painted my nails with two coats of Alix Avien No 60 — a white creme — and dipped my nails in the jar.

This was a holy mess to clean up with glitter  everywhere, but it looks fabulous in person with the black on white and the sudden pops of colour when the light hits it.  ♥

You can find more information on the challenge, plus all the bloggers playing along HERE. 🙂


Mermaid’s Tail

I’m rediscovering my love for flakies!

This time, I started out with my favourite teal creme — Bell GlamWear No 513. It applied perfectly in two coats.

I layered this with two coats of Nfu-Oh No 54 — green to blue opalescent flakies in a sheer base.


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I’ve been wearing bright and sweet cotton candy pink this past day or two. 🙂 So uncharacteristic of me.

Sickeningly sweet. Isn’t it? 😉

This is three coats of the beautiful Alessandro Pretty Ballerina — a perfect cotton candy pink creme. Imagine it a bit cooler and brighter though. Kinda like a pastel pink with a hint of neon to it.

I layered this with one coat of Nfu-Oh No. 48 — pink to peach opalescent flakies and white shimmer in a sheer pink base.

And here you have it; a sugary overdose. 😀


First Class Glitter

So, what happens when you paint your nails with China Glaze’s First Class Ticket and then dip them into a jar of loose black holo glitter?

They come to life with sparkle in all colours, that’s what. 🙂 Nearly impossible to capture the real effect, but I tried.



I got some loose black holo glitter from Nfu-Oh the other day. Now, what am I gonna do with it…

…I mean besides staring at it. Prettyyyyy.


Nfu-Oh No 54 (Plus More Layering)

How long did you think I could resist my new Nfu-Oh? No 54 is such a pretty mermaid colour — blue to green flakies in a sheer base. I’m so glad I have it now. 🙂

Actually, the moment I got it, I tried to layer it over my pink manicure at the time, and boy, was that a colossal fail. 😛 So, it doesn’t work over everything.

But there was no reason why it wouldn’t work over Misa’s Toxic Seduction it being all dark and green and everything.

So, here I have one coat of Nfu-Oh No 54 over the Misa.

The application was everything I expect from Nfu-Oh — pleasant. As you can see, the flakies in the polish are very dense, and for layering purposes one coat is more than enough.

Unless, that is, you want to look like it’s made of flakies. 😉

I love how the shifting blue-green of the flakies compliments the polish underneath.

However, for some reason I couldn’t stop here. Who knows why? Maybe I have layering sickness or something.

So I pulled out the most contrasting flakie polish I have — Nubar’s 2010 with it’s yellow-green to orange flakies and threw it on top of my mainly blue-green manicure.

I took an out of focus shot to show the colours better as well.

I can see so many different colours on my nails at once! Most interseting for me is the contrast between the bright turquoise I get in some angles from the Nfu-Oh and the orange from the Nubar.

Both flakies are only one coat, but as you can see, combined they almost completely hide the Misa beneath. Or at least overshadow it.

I don’t think this combo is everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m really liking it at the moment. Very fall-sy.


p.s. I looked in my nail polish drawer the other day and realised I have nothing to wear. How can one have so many polishes and nothing to wear? The mind boggles.


I buy my Nfu-Ohs at Viis, which while based in Estonia also has international shipping.