So. Word to the wise. Never, ever paint your nails late at night only in the light of the computer screen while watching a movie. Seriously. I don’t know what got into my head that I did that. I think as I was working with a nude polish, I figured how bad could it get? 😛 Um. Bad.

So you don’t get a picture of that particular mess.

I did, however, find one from ages ago on my phone. While I usually don’t match my polishes to my outfits… I have this dress that I adore and I wore it to death this autumn. And one of those times I wore it, I wanted my nails to match my dress. 😉


I believe this was two coats of NYX Girls’ Sour Lime and a coat of China Glaze’s Crushed Candy. Not a 100% match to the colours in the dress, but a cute combo nonetheless.



Foresty Frostbite

This is a mani I wore in the beginning of December for the very first really cold days.

I started out with the gorgeously saturated blue shimmer that is China Glaze Frostbite.

This was two coats to utter perfection. 🙂

Then I added the on top a green hex glitter polish from NYX Girls — Enchanted Forest — and a matte top coat.

I love how the mani turned out. 🙂 I wore this to an early Christmas party and I got asked several times if my nails were real and where I got them done. 😉

Have a look at Frostbite again. Soooo pretty!


Btw, my holiday loot this year: the five polishes of Vampire’s Love collection from Essence, three from Orly’s Mineral FX (Emberstone, Rock Solid and Rock It) and two scented polishes from MIYO. 🙂 Hope I get around to wearing them soon!


Spaced Out

What a more perfect polish for a warm and sunny spring day. NYX Girls Frizz Spots is a vampy black sheer base with tons (and I do mean tons) of chunky holo glitter in large and small hex pieces.

It’s absolutely amazing on nails. I do recommend wearing underwear with this one. I wore it once (at three coats) without and it still had some uneven patches as the base colour of it is quite sheer.

Today, I wore it at two coats of Frizz Spots over one coat of Ciate 3 AM Girl. 3 AM Girl is a super dark, near-black navy creme and I was hoping it would add some depth to the brown-based black base of Frizz Spots.



Personally, I think this is an insanely sparkly beauty, and a must have for any lover of space-in-a -bottle type of polishes.

I feel pretty lucky I didn’t walk into anything or anybody when outside today, because I definitely kept on staring at my nails. 😉


Blinding Chartreuse

It’s the first truly warm days of spring. Right in time for Mother’s Day. 🙂

For today’s manicure, I chose NYX Girls’ Sour Lime — a blinding chartreuse shimmer with mini pieces of holo glitter to it. I’ve been craving this polish for ever since I saw it on Alizarine’s blog and finally ordered it a few months ago.

Well, I managed to make myself wait for the perfect weather to do this justice.

Three thick coats, but easy application and fast dry-time.

This is so bright and sparkly, it freaks out my camera in full sunlight. 😛

So, here it is in the shade as well.

Mmm… what to wear next?


Enchanted with Green

That’s probably something I don’t have to tell you. 😉

Here’s my mani du jour:

This is two coats of SpaRitual’s Yes, I Can! — a grass green creme with great pigmentation and lovely application.

Covered with an unnamed amount of coats of NYX Girls’ Enchanted Forest — multisized green hex glitter is a sheer, greentinted base.

I basically did one coat of the glitter, managed to pick up only the smallest glitter particles as the larger ones stuck to the sides of the bottle and no amount of shaking got them loose. So, ended up taking a long orange stick and picking up the larger particles from the sides of the bottle and placing them on my nails.

I ♥ this sparkly mani. 🙂


p.s. I also got a big package of Viva La Nails colourful flowery water decals yesterday, so I can’t wait to try these out!