Lady Luck

I remember how excited I was when I bought the Gem Crushes almost a year ago. 🙂 But then my horror of glitter removal came to play and I still haven’t tried all of them…

Still, better later than never and here’s the gorgeous Lady Luck.

Here’s three coats of the lovely raspberry glitter with large holo pieces. Beautiful, but definitely a top coat eater.



I think the last week in September. I already miss summer and flowers…


Day 31: Repeat of Favourite and Done!

I am done. I actually managed to complete this challenge (in 2.5 months, but still). Nobody’s more surprised than me. 😉

For my repeat mani, I decided on Day 14: Flowers.

It’s nicely in the middle of the challenge and, besides that, one of the few freehand techniques I feel competent doing.

I painted my nails with American Apparel’s L’Esprit. For some reason these sort of pastel lilacs are the most flattering nail polish shade on me, but I cannot wear lilac at all as it completely washes me out and clashes with my general skin tone and hair. 😛

After that, I proceeded to paint freehand roses with a toothpick using Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Mellow Yellow, Nubar Milk Chocolate, Orly Fresh and SpaRitual Yes, I Can!

I added a top coat too, as I didn’t bother to use one before the roses…

…but to be honest, I prefer the pre-topcoat textured version.

And there you have it! All 31 tasks done. If you wish to check out what I did, just click the “Challenges” tag above or the 31-days tag in the post. 😀

Ooooh, off to try my untrieds soon! Can’t wait!


Day 9: Rainbow

I really need to step up with this challenge. While doing this, I’ve accumulated so many new polishes this past week that I can’t wait to try that I’m a little bit frustrated…

Here’s day 9: rainbow nails!

I painted my nails with two coats of Models Own Beth’s Blue — a gorgeous periwinkle pastel creme. (I have so much love for this shade!)

Then I used a toothpick dipped in a variety of polishes (China Glaze Hey Sailor! – Alix Avien No 180 – SH Mellow Yellow – Sinful Colors Innocent – Alessandro Turquoise Ocean – SpaRitual Circle of Life – ChG Flying Dragon).

I had kids call this “rasta-nails”. 😀 I think we need to re-examine what rasta means with them. 😛


p.s. I picked up my first MAC lipstick today — Impassioned — and I think I am absolutely in love. My previous everyday lippe was Make Up Store’s Pout, but I wanted a change for the warmer weather… and Impassioned makes me so happy. 😀

Day 6: Violet

Cheat day. 😛 Instead of violet, I’m doing lilac. Close enough, right? The thing is I really wanted to wear one of my favourite polishes…

This is three coats of Sally Hansen’s Mystic Lilac. Gorgeous polish. Muted lilac with a ton of green shimmer flecks.

I have so much love for this pretty thing that I couldn’t even make myself add anything to it to distract from the beauty.



I wore this a few days ago and loved it. Be-Jeweled was my second Gem Crush polish and the formula was just as good.

I like the cool lilac main glitter with the larger pinkish hex-glitter pieces. 🙂 The contrast isn’t incredibly noticeable, but it’s there.

It also flashes different colours under direct light.

Ok, so this is pretty damn cool, and I can’t wait to try the rest of these. 🙂


Glitter Chic

Can anybody tell me why I didn’t pick up anything from the China Glaze holiday collection? For some reason I’m afraid of glitter and don’t find it all that interesting.

So, it’s an even bigger mystery why I picked up all the Sally Hansen Gem Crushes sold here. When I finally got around trying them out, I fell in love. For my first, I chose Showgirl Chic — fine silver glitter with turquoise hex pieces.

This covered completely in three thin coats and I really like the gritty surface for some reason. It just works for this polish, I think. Makes it look like slightly wrinkled silver foil. 😀 One of the reasons why I opted for no top coat here as well. I think it’s better to embrace the grittiness here than to go for the 2-3 layers of top coat I imagine it would take to get it glossy. 😉

I find this polish completely beautiful (which makes me sad that I didn’t pick up the China Glaze lookalike when that was available months ago). It also really makes me have an inner battle between the wish to try out the rest of these asap and the horror of having to deal with Glitter Removal once again. 😛


Black & White Challenge – Day 4

I’m really liking this challenge so far and how it’s getting me out of my nail polishing routine.

Here’s my entry for Day 4 – White Base with Some Colour.

I knew I was gonna do polka dots some time in this challenge, and this seemed the perfect occasion. For the white base I used Alix Avien No 60, which is hands down my favourite white creme (in fact, my bottle is half-empty by now). Two coats, and a lovely even non-streaky formula.

Then I used a dotting tool to add some polka dots to all my nails in Misa’s Throw Me Something Purple Please — which is a lovely blurple creme. I did my ring finger as an accent nail, half of it is Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Mellow Yellow, just for an extra pop of colour. 🙂

I didn’t add a top coat on the dotting as I wanted to keep the slightly 3d effect. 🙂

It’s been ages since I wore a stark white creme, it actually makes even my winter skin look like it has some colour by comparison. 😉

You can find more information on the challenge, plus all the bloggers playing along HERE. 🙂