Deep Grey

I’m not even gonna… So I have been polishing my nails. I have been taking photos. And I just haven’t gotten around to transferring most of them to my computer yet. 😛 Mea culpa.

Still, despite that, I have couple of weeks worth of polishes to post about. 🙂

Here’s one from SpaRitual’s spring collection.

This is Deep — a beautiful dark grey creme with hidden purple shimmer. The idea is just lovely. But what would make it even better is if the shimmer were just a tad more noticeable on the nail as well.

Mostly, it just looks like a dark grey creme. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

If I could just for the life of me figure out, why this was in the spring collection?

The polish is definitely more fall/winter…



Speaking of “deep”… here’s a bog lake in the evening from a hike a few weeks ago.


Golden Red

Let’s kick October off with an amazing fall polish. I was staring at SpaRitual’s LE collection of polishes infused with real gold this summer and every single one of them was beautiful.

Unfortunately, the price tag meant I made myself only get one of them.

Rusted Lux consists of flecky golden glitter in a sheer raspberry red base. The overall effect is an incredibly sparkly warm red foil.

I look at the red and orange trees outside and this polish really is autumn in a bottle.

The first coat was pretty sheer, but in actuality it took only three easy coats to get it opaque. Lovely formula too. 🙂

I absolutely adore this one! 😀



On Fire

After the days I spent rocking my update to Circle of Life, I think I should finally get around to posting it. 😉

This, of course, is Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Available pretty much everywhere over here, so if you haven’t got it yet, definitely recommended.

One coat over the royal blue creme.

Stunning, but that was expected. 😀 I really want to dry it over a dark polish as well though to see if it lives up the category of spectacular that is my beloved Be:Yu. 🙂


Royally Blue

Here’s another pretty creme I bought ages ago, but only got around to wearing a few days ago.

This is two coats of the lovely vivid SpaRitual Circle of Life. Reminds me why I love blues on my nails… 🙂

Nothing else much to say about it, prettiness all around. 🙂



Hidden Reef

Another week, another polish. 🙂

I spent the entire weekend staring at my holo nails (which held up well!) but now it’s time for a new mani.

Another SpaRitual spring polish — Hidden Reef.

This is stunning! It’s subtle and classy and really sparkling and eye catching all at the same time.

I really don’t know what’s up with me and traditional nail shades this year! 😛



Reminds me of days at the seaside. 🙂

Pretty in Blue

I got the SpaRitual Water collection mini set some time in spring, and to be fair, these are more spring than summer polishes… however, I’ve only gotten around to wearing one of them so it was about time I tried the rest. 😉

Ebb & Flow is right up my alley. Being a bright aqua creme (slightly more greenish in real life than pictures) this is among my favourite type of colours.

Gorgeous two-coat formula. 🙂

This is such a happy-making polish to look at on my nails.



A spring-time evening in Tallinn…

Lilac Dreams Comparision

Pale lilacs, lavenders and periwinkles are among the prettiest nail polish colours I can think of… And to my horror I realised that the SpaRitual polishes I bought ages ago were still in my untrieds. 😦

The first one I tried out on a dreary rainy summer day was SpaRitual’s Lucid.

Ungh. Isn’t it pretty? This is a pale very cool lilac with a strong hint of grey.

I also wanted to compare this to some other favourites of mine…

Models Own Beth’s Blue – SpaRitual Lucid – American Apparel L’Esprit – OPI Rumples Wiggin’.

As you can see, Lucid is basically a love child of Beth’s Blue and L’Esprit… though just a bit paler and the formula is sheerer requiring 2-3 coats to be opaque. It’s a very nice and easily controlled formula though!

Suffice to say, this joins my hall of faves. 😉