Holorific Friday

Or something. 🙂 Here’s a quick one for the weekend. My very first holo bought before I even knew holos existed! Seriously. I just thought it looked like a pretty periwinkle shimmer in the muted light of the store here I got it.

I’m talking about China Glaze 2nite, of course. 🙂


You cant’ imagine the moment when I first wore it and saw it in sunlight! Suffice to say that was the beginning of my love for anything holo and by now I have quite a few — scattered, linerar, sheer, glittery you name it.

None can beat 2nite as a favourite though.  IMG_0857


You see why. 😀



Kinda goes with these perfectly warm and sunny summer days of yesteryear…


Blueberry Holo

You guys, the sun is shining! Wow. I have already embraced autumn in my head, but it seems like we get one more t-shirt and shorts kinda day.

This also means I’m busting out a holo I haven’t tried yet.

Catrice Dirty Berry spent an eternity on my wishlist until I finally got it in June. And yet it managed to spend the summer in my untrieds pile. Weird.

And of course, when I put it on… it was so pretty (plus it has a lovely formula). A blue-toned purple that at least to me seems the exact colour of blueberries (my breakfast berry of choice at the moment 😉 ) chock full of fine subtle holo shimmer.

To be honest, the holo effect is subtle. In a lower light, it’ll look like silver shimmer. But it somehow really works with the slightly muted base colour of the polish making just a charming combination overall. 🙂



Holo-Gradient-Skittle Friday!

Yup, you heard that right. 😉

So, when I was looking at my polishes and realised I had enough similar finish holos to do a rainbow skittle I decided to do just that for the end of the week.

You know, all nails in different scattered holos. (I actually slightly prefer scattered holos to linear holos and the formula is usually easier and the same base and top coat as with “regular” polish is non-problematic to use.)

Teeez Outta Control – Teeez Cool – Catherine Arley No 803 – Catherine Arely No 801

And Teeez Smooth on the thumb.

Having done that, I looked at my nails and thought — “Why not go for a gradient  transition between the colours?”

I absolutely adore the effect! And it wasn’t even particularly difficult to do. 🙂

I could just go on posting pictures of this mani… but I’m gonna stop here. 😉



Summer on the river in the city.

Lilac Stamped

Is it just me or is my blog pink? Seriously. It just changed into pink overnight and despite all my colour settings being blue (and refreshing them etc.) I can’t seem to change it back. What the … WordPress?

That said, I just couldn’t resist one more day of A Lovely Secret. It’s so pretty! So I decided to update it with a zebra stamp using China Glaze 2030. And then a matte top coat. 🙂

Yup. I’m definitely enjoying how this turned out. There’s just something about the combination of these pale cool colours and matte+chrome.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a hard time taking this off!



Midsummer near Mediaeval monastery ruins.

Here’s another one that goes in the list of can’t-believe-I-haven’t-worn-this-before. I saw Essence A Lovely Secret in a blog once upon a time and immediately needed it. Luckily, I managed to pick it up this summer…

And then it didn’t impress me in the bottle that much.

A mistake!

It is entirely awesome on the nails. Something between a periwinkle blue and lilac (which are the most flattering shades I can think of on me) with this awesome pink shimmer and darker purple shimmer.

I couldn’t catch the pink shimmer in the pictures, but it’s totally there. 🙂 And the name is so accurate — from farther away it looks like a beautiful lilac and then up close you see all the secret shimmer.

Awesome. 🙂



Here’s one of my favourite abandoned buildings in the old town.

Friday Glitter!

It’s the weekend! 🙂 And I still have a week left of my holiday before going back to work. It’s cold, but the sun is out… so that means glitter!

China Glaze Liquid Crystal is the only polish I picked up from the Prismatics in spring. And I really like it! The subtle shift in the base colours from teal to lilac and the abundance of holo glitter make it awesome.

As I said, it’s very very pretty, but as I’m not a huge glitter fan in general, I’m not surprised it took me so long to finally wear it. 😛 I mean, I still have more than half of my Sally Hansen Gem Crushes I’ve yet to try…



Today’s picture comes for spring in Tallinn.

Here Be Duochrome

This seems to be the autumn of duochromes (I wanted to say “fall”, but that really wouldn’t have worked here 😉 ) so I busted out one of my pretty Misslyns I haven’t shown on this blog yet.

Feast your eyes on Blue Planet.  A turquoise to purple duochrome shimmer that’s pretty much  amazing.

The colour shift is really strong and the formula is just lovely.

As per usual, the duochrome is at its strongest in low and/or indirect light… however, the colour is beautiful even when looking like a straight up shimmer in direct sunlight.

This polish pretty much slays me. I love that unlike most duo- and multichromes I own this is really opaque and I could actually get away with one thicker coat though I went for two for the pictures. 🙂