Am I Dead Yet?

Not quite. I switched from a computer to a tablet for my home web browsing needs (so much more comfy to have a quick look at things!) but the only hitch in that plan was my inablity to get photos from the camera to the tablet.


So. Tons of polishes I’ve bought in the meantime, but haven’t gotten around to yet. As in, still trying to play catch up! 😉


Here’s the superb Gosh Galaxy which I picked up as part of my nail polish Christmas presents to myself. I oohed and aahed over it for a while, but didn’t bite the bullet as I thought that it would be too similar to my other “interesting-yet-neutral-colour-mix-foils” like SpaRitual Sacred Ground or Lumene Troublemaker or…

You get the picture. But I’m so glad I did get it eventually! It’s just so pretty! Subtle but effective. 😀 I don’t really get the name though.


*sigh* Prettiness! 😀




Nude Nail Art

For some reason, often my first instinct is to do free-hand nail art on a nude-coloured base. I really don’t know why.

Because I’m not even sure I like the effect. That is scribbles on a bare nail. 😛

Still. I seem to have done it again for the weekend.

I first started off my painting my nails with three coats of Alessandro Peaches & CreamHate the formula, but it is the most accurate mannequin hands polish for me in my collection. (I have no idea why I have so many nudes as I really don’t like them…)

And then I used Essie Geranium, Essence Wake Up!, Essence Sundancer and Nubar Milk Chocolate to paint some flowers on the base.

Voila! What are you wearing to welcome in autumn with this weekend? 🙂 And don’t forget to check out the foods! 😉



You Call This Chocolate?

I was in the mood to give a polish a second chance. I usually love Alessandro’s LE collections because they come about often with tons of gorgeous colours.

Last year I picked up Chocolate Flip in early spring. In theory it has everything going for it — irregular large silver and gold shimmer/glitter in a light brown base.

In practice, I’m not liking it the second time around either. 😦



Day 31: Repeat of Favourite and Done!

I am done. I actually managed to complete this challenge (in 2.5 months, but still). Nobody’s more surprised than me. 😉

For my repeat mani, I decided on Day 14: Flowers.

It’s nicely in the middle of the challenge and, besides that, one of the few freehand techniques I feel competent doing.

I painted my nails with American Apparel’s L’Esprit. For some reason these sort of pastel lilacs are the most flattering nail polish shade on me, but I cannot wear lilac at all as it completely washes me out and clashes with my general skin tone and hair. 😛

After that, I proceeded to paint freehand roses with a toothpick using Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Mellow Yellow, Nubar Milk Chocolate, Orly Fresh and SpaRitual Yes, I Can!

I added a top coat too, as I didn’t bother to use one before the roses…

…but to be honest, I prefer the pre-topcoat textured version.

And there you have it! All 31 tasks done. If you wish to check out what I did, just click the “Challenges” tag above or the 31-days tag in the post. 😀

Ooooh, off to try my untrieds soon! Can’t wait!


Day 13: Animal Print

Here’s another one I love — animal prints! When I decided to do this challenge… I had the idea of doing zebra stripes for the animal print part (as I haven’t tried that stamp yet) but I felt it would be too close to the previous task.

So, instead I did a leopard spots mani over the gorgeous OPI Warm & Fozzie (seriously love for this polish!):

I sponged on a little bit of China Glaze’s Swing Baby to add a little bit of slightly different colour and then added the leopard spots using a black nail art polish and Konad.

I felt this was a bit too blingy for me though and the spots didn’t show up well enough, so I mattiefied the entire thing.

Much better! And I can see myself not wanting to take off this one as well. 😉


Love Those Ugly/Pretty Things

Today, I have a polish and a story. 🙂 (I guess I feel like writing longer things on the blog since I’m procrastinating from writing my thesis.)

First. The polish. One Week’s No 32, which I thought would be a slightly darker version of American Apparel’s Trench Coat. Well, it dries darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, so it’s not that.

What it is still awesome. You know the colour, right? The slightly greenish brown that makes you think of … 😉 It’s not a pretty colour, and not for everyone, but that’s what I like about it.

Two coats, but could have gotten away with one.



Now, for the story. There’s this place in Tallinn’s Old Town. I can’t even call it a bar or a pub. It’s a basement. Centuries old basement with limestone walls and sparse beat up real wood furniture. With an equally beat up bar with old-school punkish bartenders you know by name. The choice of liquid is beer from the tap, hard cider from the tap and the only cocktails they know are screwdrivers and rum and coke.

Get any sort of picture?

It’s the place where you go when everything else is closed for the night as it’s always open til morning. There are punks and Goths and nowadays a ton of early twenties hipster crowd. It’s the only bar in Tallinn where you can still smoke indoors. The desks are bolted to the stone floor with heavy iron chains.

It’s packing at around 2-3 am and you always make new friends-for-the-night there.

Sometimes they have film-nights in the back room showing weird 70s  cult stuff. I’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby and Foxy Brown and way more obscure old sexploitation movies there…

It opens when the bartenders wake up at around 3-4 in the afternoon. And then it’s empty. And regulars get pots of all kinds of tea or coffee for free. With mismatched and chipped mugs. It’s dark and dingy without windows and a strong Medieaval basement feel (which it is, actually) and an awesome place to sit and chat quietly. (In the afternoon, that is.)

And you have to know where the bar is. ’cause there aren’t any signs. Just stairs and a door leading underground on a random corner in the Old Town.

This is where I like to meet up with my sister and her crowd:

I’ve spent countless hours drinking pot after pot of oolong or rooibos and chatting there during the day. And drinking the same (not so good) hard cider during the night.

Any favourite bars for you? 🙂

(I guess I felt like story time, since I’ve been working like crazy for a few months and haven’t been able to go out…)


Mood Brown

My final pick from Alessandro’s spring collection. 🙂 Mood Brown is fascinating. I think it’s more grey than brown though. Basically, what you’ve got is a really warm earthy brown-grey with a lot of (non frosty) silvery shimmer and grainy black shimmer.

It’s sparkly and pretty from afar, but the true beaty of this polish coles from looking closely at it. To me, it reminds of sand. That darkish, greyish wet sand just where the waves hit the sand on the beach.

 Two easy coats like per usual with Alessandro. 🙂

 Mmm… and now soon I get to start deciding what’s my next pick for the Black and White challenge. 😀