The Two Reincarnations of a NYE Mani

First of all: happy new year all! 😀 Secondly, my main resolution that relates to my online activities is definitely to try to update my blog more often. I mean, I still do my nails with alarming frequency… no reason why I shouldn’t upload the pics.

When I was over at my mum’s for Christmas, she went about reading predictions and horoscopes for 2013 (she’s into things like that 🙂 ) and while I knew nothing about the lucky colours for the brand new 2013 before…

I remembered my mum saying that combinations of purple and silver were the luckiest thing. So that’s what I went with for my NYE mani.


I did my nails with the perfect purple creme of China Glaze’s Grape Pop (still a favourite!) and sponged on an old purple-y multicoloured glitter polish and my ring finger with the accent of Orly Out of This World complete with silver studs.


I adored this mani and wore it for three days. And then yesterday decided to update it keeping the accent finger. I love the studs!

I used an old favourite here as well — China Glaze Grape Juice and kept the purple theme.


I adore Grape Juice, but I’m sadly now out of it. Maybe enough left for an accent nail or two in the bottle, but no full manis with it anymore. 😦



So, which do you like more? 🙂




The Glitter of Doom


I had heard things about MAC polishes. Non-flattering things. But I could not resist Everything That Glitters. Mostly because I don’t have access to its more favorably formulated lookalikes..


This polish is so “me” I can’t even… So, no regrets on that front. The look is utter love at first sight.


But the formula… I almost cried! The glue-y gooey thickness of it. Just no. No, thank you. I think I might be turned off from MAC polishes for good. I just can’t justify the quality-price relationship. (MAC lipsticks are a totally different thing though 😉 )

As for this one, I’ll add a bit of thinner and hope for the best. 🙂



Christmas in Tallinn

Extravagance is the Order

I’ve been pondering OPI’s DS polishes for ages. For some reason I just don’t want to pay the price of five China Glazes for a single bottle…

But in the end I caved and bought Extravagance.

I am so glad I did! It’s insanely pretty. The regular spiel about pictures not doing it justice and they really don’t! A deep, vampy berry pink with tons of holo and prismatic shimmer. Tons. The depth of this polish is stunning. Way better than any regular scattered holo I can think of.

I repeat again. No justice whatsoever in the pics. 😀



Deep Grey

I’m not even gonna… So I have been polishing my nails. I have been taking photos. And I just haven’t gotten around to transferring most of them to my computer yet. 😛 Mea culpa.

Still, despite that, I have couple of weeks worth of polishes to post about. 🙂

Here’s one from SpaRitual’s spring collection.

This is Deep — a beautiful dark grey creme with hidden purple shimmer. The idea is just lovely. But what would make it even better is if the shimmer were just a tad more noticeable on the nail as well.

Mostly, it just looks like a dark grey creme. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

If I could just for the life of me figure out, why this was in the spring collection?

The polish is definitely more fall/winter…



Speaking of “deep”… here’s a bog lake in the evening from a hike a few weeks ago.

A Happy Accident

This mani came together as an accident and I absolutely love it. 🙂

Here’s the situation — huge chips on two nails, big evening out, half an hour to take off the previous mani and go out the door.

Naturally, I needed something amazingly fast drying. So I went for the amazing Golden Rose Mattes.

I painted my nails with Matte Velvet No 103 and since that wasn’t eye catching  enough… parked it up with Golden Rose Graffiti No 11.

And the whole thing took around 15 minutes until I was able to get dressed and move on to makeup. What’s not to love about an easy and fast mani that still looks like you’ve put some effort into your nails? 😉

Happy upcoming weekend! 😀



On Fire

After the days I spent rocking my update to Circle of Life, I think I should finally get around to posting it. 😉

This, of course, is Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Available pretty much everywhere over here, so if you haven’t got it yet, definitely recommended.

One coat over the royal blue creme.

Stunning, but that was expected. 😀 I really want to dry it over a dark polish as well though to see if it lives up the category of spectacular that is my beloved Be:Yu. 🙂


Blueberry Holo

You guys, the sun is shining! Wow. I have already embraced autumn in my head, but it seems like we get one more t-shirt and shorts kinda day.

This also means I’m busting out a holo I haven’t tried yet.

Catrice Dirty Berry spent an eternity on my wishlist until I finally got it in June. And yet it managed to spend the summer in my untrieds pile. Weird.

And of course, when I put it on… it was so pretty (plus it has a lovely formula). A blue-toned purple that at least to me seems the exact colour of blueberries (my breakfast berry of choice at the moment 😉 ) chock full of fine subtle holo shimmer.

To be honest, the holo effect is subtle. In a lower light, it’ll look like silver shimmer. But it somehow really works with the slightly muted base colour of the polish making just a charming combination overall. 🙂