Precious Treasure

I bought this polish a little over a year ago and I’ve actually worn it a few times since… never got around to posting about it though!

Despite coming from last year’s fall collection Alessandro’s Precious Treasure reminds me a lot of the gothic, blackened shimmers that so many brands have been putting out this year.

It has a dark navy base with tons of large, flecky green and blue shimmer.

Definitely feeling the inspiration behind the name here… shimmery treasures in the depths of the ocean. Look at me all poetic. 😉

Second consequtive day posting? I’m on a roll! 😀



Something cute to go with something precious.



Now that green has left nature, it’s time to have it on my nails. Ok. To be fair, I wore this mani some weeks ago.

Vampy cool green featuring one of my favourite Misas – Toxic Seduction.

Two coats and lovely application. It’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie as well. 🙂

It’s almost teal, but for me personally just a bit too much on the green side to honestly call it anything but a really cool dark green. 😉



Holo Time

There’s no sun. And I still have two Pupa holos to try out I bought this summer. Well, at least I can wishful-think that wearing a holo will bring out the sun.

Pupa – Holographic No 081 is a light cool green linear holo. The formula and application of this reminded me a lot of the China Glaze OMG collection polishes. As did the stunning linear holo effect. Almost a one-coater and needing careful application on the second coat.

Actually, even if the polish description calls it light green, there’s a pretty strong blueish tint to it.

Stunning polish, really. 🙂



Magnetic Polish

I filed down my nails. 🙂 I like it. Which of course also meant a dark colour!

I located a Golden Rose Magnetic polish in No 9 that I’d forgot I had in one of my drawers. It’s a gorgeous blackened teal. 🙂

Unfortunately I got impatient with the magnet, so the effect is barely there on my ring finger… but I still like the polish.

Though I do have to admit that despite trying a couple, I still don’t get the popularity of magnetic polishes. I guess they’re just not my thing.



Green Based Duochrome Take Four

Here’s yet another one of the Misslyn duochromes from my stash. 🙂 This is Leguan. It is not a Peridot dupe, but in the same family. I’m pretty sure even if not a dupe, it’s pretty damn close to another one of the new China Glaze duochromes.

This polish moves from blue-teal-green-to-olive.

Gorgeous. In some lights it’ll be a yellow-toned green, in others a seafoam-y blue.

And, why, yes, I took a ton of pictures. 😉

I mean, so pretty!

Ok. I think I’m done with my Misslyns for now. Though I’ve yet to try them over black… 😉


Here Be Duochrome

This seems to be the autumn of duochromes (I wanted to say “fall”, but that really wouldn’t have worked here 😉 ) so I busted out one of my pretty Misslyns I haven’t shown on this blog yet.

Feast your eyes on Blue Planet.  A turquoise to purple duochrome shimmer that’s pretty much  amazing.

The colour shift is really strong and the formula is just lovely.

As per usual, the duochrome is at its strongest in low and/or indirect light… however, the colour is beautiful even when looking like a straight up shimmer in direct sunlight.

This polish pretty much slays me. I love that unlike most duo- and multichromes I own this is really opaque and I could actually get away with one thicker coat though I went for two for the pictures. 🙂


Multichromes and a Little Bit of Fashion

Hi there. My name is … and I’m a nail polish addict. I especially love multichromes and holographic polishes, but who doesn’t? 😉

So I was really excited when I spotted a “special effect” topper from Look by BIPA in a store in Austria. It kinda looked like it belonged to the legendary Orly Cosmic FX collection only even more complex.

It’s called Metallic Hollogram (yes, it says “hollogram”) and it basically looks like tons of green, teal, blue, plum, purple foil particles and microglitter with the overall look of switching between cool green and plum purple.

This is a stunner! And super sparkly to boot. I only wish that companies would understand what holographic means with polishes… I mean this is very multicoloured and definitely metallic, but it’s not a holo polish by any stretch of the word.

There was no sun, so I took another pic in artificial light to show off the sparklies. 😀 The light makes it look warmer than it ever is, the overall effect of the polish is consistently that of a cool shade. 😉

BTW. Here’s me. I’ve never been a shorts kind of girl… preferring dresses and skirts, but for some reason my most worn item of clothing this summer has been a pair of denim shorts. Both in the heatwaves and the cool weather of late. 🙂

I guess I’m being converted to pants. 😛 Question time! What’s your favourite item of clothing this summer?