Fowl Play

Time to revisit an old non-favourite that has now redeemed itself. That happens to me sometimes — dislike of a polish turns into love for a polish.

This is why I hesitate to give away polishes I haven’t liked that much. 😛



Orly Fowl Play is a good example of this. For some reason I felt really… meh… about it the first time I wore it (despite loving it in the bottle) but this time…

I’m *really* liking it!

It’s squishy and interesting and just in general a fun vampy cold season polish. 😀


Voila! In with the old! 😀



It’s snowing insanely again, so it’s nice to remember the almost reasonably bare ground of only a couple days ago.



Nfu-Oh, Long Time No See

Seems like the polishing world has recently been overtaken by flakies. Everybody’s coming out with their own. That has inspired me to dig out some older Nfu-Ohs I haven’t worn in ages.

First up — No 60 — classic orange-to-green large flakies in a sheer black jelly base.

The last time I wore this was nearly two years ago (pre-blog) and then I used a layer over black and was disappointed. I mean, it was gorgeous, but just one layer over black made it look pretty much exactly like every sheer orange-to-green flakie I’ve seen (Nubar 2010, GOSH Rainbow etc).

So, today, I decided to wear it on its own.

It took three coats to get it opaque and OMG it’s so much better like this. 😀 I am in love all over again. The sheer black base allows all the layers of flakies to shine through and it has just this gorgeous depth to it.

Never again wasting this on layering. It deserves to be worn on its own. And with the 17ml Nfu-Oh bottles, I’m not gonna run out any time soon. 😉

And wow, this was so anti-Easter in colour selection that I can’t even… 😛 I’m gonna try for a more traditional Easter mani tomorrow. 😀


Black & White Challenge – Day 8

Almost done! This is quick and dirty as I put this together just when I was running out the door to watch The Hunger Games. 😀 I’m back now and noticed I managed to take only one decent photo… oh well. But the film was worth it! 😉

Here’s my entry for Day 8 – Sponging.

I did my nails with China Glaze’s Liquid Leather and sponged the tips with the Alix Avien white creme No 60 and GOSH’s Vanilla Ice — a sheer white glassfleck polish. In honour of “the girl on fire” I added Nubar’s 2010 on top. 😀

You can find more information on the challenge, plus all the bloggers playing along HERE. 🙂


Updating… with Flakes

My first reaction when wanting to update an lighter many this winter has been.. Snow Globe. 🙂 This time, I managed to resist and reached for my sadly little used bottle of Nfu-Oh No. 48 — peach to pink flakies and white shimmer in a sheer pink base — instead.

As already traditional with flakies, I then mattified the entire thing using Flormal’s Matte Top Coat to try it out as a really cheap alternative to the Nubar one I’ve been using. Works like a charm! 😉

I’ve been neglecting my flakies lately… and yet they are so pretty. 😀

I really loved this matte. 🙂 My nails looked positively metallic most of the time.


Sophie the Innocent

I love flakie polishes and I have quite a few. 🙂 For some reason though, I don’t get around to wearing them that often.

So, as it happens, I’d had Make Up Store’s Sophie for half a year before I ever got round to it. Sophie is turquoise-to-green-to-yellow opalescent flakies together with bright yellow shimmer in a clear base.

To me, it seemed like the perfect polish to complement the Shrek-green of Sinful Colors Innocent.

I used one coat of Innocent and one coat of Sophie. Not bad as far as layering polishes goes… 😉

And then, of course, I had to try it matte. One coat of Nubar’s V for Men matte top coat over the mani.

What do you think, shiny or matte? 😀 I’m almost done with my summer manis… so we can move on to the more fall-y polishes. And, of course, my long promised and photographed comparison of all my flakies.


Something Blue…

It’s been almost a year since I first started collecting nail polish and about half a year since I started this blog. I have around two hundred polishes right now and lately I’ve been feeling like there’s nothing new under the sun. 😛 Polish wise, that is.

I’m sure it’ll pass. In fact, there’s a huge sale at (Tallinna) Kaubamaja starting from tomorrow and there should be lots on inexpensive polish. I saw some Depend crackle effects being put on display for tomorrow… So, hopefully, that’ll get me out of my slump. 😉

So, something old and blue today. One of the very first polishes I bought last summer — Alessandro’s Midnight Hour. Two coats of navy shimmer amazingness, full of silver micro-glitter and red-to-green opalescent flakies. I dare you to name a polish even remotely similar to this.

While it sparkles like crazy in direct sunlight, I think indirect light (like the second picture) really shows the complexity of this polish. ♥


It’s Rainin’!

Sorry for the silence, I was feeling like a little break from the internets. And from polishing as well.

When I realised Friday that we were heading for a weekend of rainy, overcast and downright depressing weather, I threw on two coats of Eyeko’s Rain and a coat of Make Up Store Lava over it. A day later, I mattified the mani.

This is is what I’ve been wearing for the past three days.

Pics are taken on the third day of wear, so the matte is more like satin by now, but you get the idea. 😉

Ugh. I hope to see the sun again soon.