Lilac Dreams Comparision

Pale lilacs, lavenders and periwinkles are among the prettiest nail polish colours I can think of… And to my horror I realised that the SpaRitual polishes I bought ages ago were still in my untrieds. 😦

The first one I tried out on a dreary rainy summer day was SpaRitual’s Lucid.

Ungh. Isn’t it pretty? This is a pale very cool lilac with a strong hint of grey.

I also wanted to compare this to some other favourites of mine…

Models Own Beth’s Blue – SpaRitual Lucid – American Apparel L’Esprit – OPI Rumples Wiggin’.

As you can see, Lucid is basically a love child of Beth’s Blue and L’Esprit… though just a bit paler and the formula is sheerer requiring 2-3 coats to be opaque. It’s a very nice and easily controlled formula though!

Suffice to say, this joins my hall of faves. 😉




Stunning! That’s what it is! Misslyn’s Chameleon, that is. If it’s really dupe-y for Peridot I can definitely understand what all the fuss was about.

The LE stand told to layer this over black, but I wanted a feel for the polish itself, so I wore it on its own. Glad I did!

I mean… UNGH! Here it is a three coats and a picture perfect formula. I thought it would be brush-stroke-y, but no, this tries to just a perfect shimmer.

It’s actually so reflective and mirror-like in indirect light that it reminds me of some of the chromes I’ve tried. I actually wouldn’t hesitate to call it a faux-chrome duochrome. And the effect from antique gold to vivid green is strong! As in always present and visible.

It sparkles like crazy in direct light to boot!

I can’t even decide how I like it more — direct-light sparkly or indirect-light mirrory. 😉

I’ve worn it for two days now and no chips in sight, so yay! for the lasting power as well.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come (and Chameleon as it compares to it’s siblings. She’s in the middle.)

I cannot wait to try the rest of these Misslyn duochromes! 😀


Duochrome vs. Duochrome

If you’re like me, then Alessandro’s Clubbing Refelction made you wonder what’s the closest dupe in your collection. Turns out, I don’t have one — but it is the polar opposite of OPI’s Not Like the Movies.

Clubbing Reflection is predominantly a yellow-toned green with a warm rose pink duochrome and silver glitter.

Not Like the Movies is predominantly a cool silvery pink with a cool green duochrome and silver glitter.

Left-to-right: OPI-Alessandro-OPI-Alessandro.

So alike yet not at all. 🙂

Can’t decide which I like better…

Can you? 😀


Gold Fleck’d Black

My love. 🙂 Completely. Black cremes with gold flecks are definitely and without a doubt some of the prettiest (and yet edgiest) polishes around.

So, why did I not put Gold Old Buffy as my first from Essence’s Vampire’s Love collection? Probably as it’s not the most awesome representative of that finish I own. My love for these kinds of polishes started when I went through the drama of ordering Ciate’s Twilight (btw, what’s up with all the vampire references with polishes like these?) online a year and a half ago and my package got misplaced and I had to reorder, etc…

The polish itself was awesome though. Another one of these is Alessandro’s Marvelicious Dream, which was one of my top ten polishes for 2011…

How do all these compare, I asked myself.

First of all, Ciate has the prettiest bottle, Alessandro  is the smallest and Essence the biggest. That aside… 😉

Twilight is the darkest here and the most pigmented. Gold Old Buffy is (I can’t really call it the lightest) the least saturated and has the largest flecks. It’s also the sheerest, but still completely opaque at two coats.

And Marevlicious Dream is a dream! 😀 It is the brightest, most saturated and glowy. It also has the easiest formula to work with. (Taking into consideration that it also has the smallest bottle at 5ml it’s also five times as expensive per ml as Gold Old Buffy.)

No doubt in my mind that while I love all of these pretty babies, Marvelicious Dream wins this race hands down.

Check out the individual posts for these — Ciate, Essence, Alessandro — and have a look at them all together again.

Heee. 🙂 I need two more and then I can go for an actual ombre with these. Any recs? 😉


Fresh + Green Creme Comparison

A few weeks ago I picked up Orly’s Fresh from the Happy Go Lucky collection. This is a bright yellow-green creme. I think the name is very suitable as it does look fresh to me!

I really love the colour, but I did have some problems with the formula — at first coat it appeared to be very watery and sheer. 😦 Fortunately, a second, thicker coat proved enough to gain opacity. Still, the thick coat lead to some bubbling and this “instant tip wear” that I associate with sheer polishes.

It’s pretty different from most of my green cremes… These are the ones that I have which are the closest.

Left-to-right: OPI Who The Shrek Are You?, Alessandro Mojito Mint, Sinful Colors Innocent, Orly Fresh

All are two coats except Mojito Mint, which is three. As you can see, while the other three are quite similar, Fresh is quite a bit greener.


Teal Cremes Comparison

Teal. Blue and green. What’s not to love?

Here’s are three beautiful teal cremes from my collection.

Left-to-right: Color Club Gossip Column, Bell GlamWear No 513, H&M Moody Model, Bell GlamWear No 513

Gossip Column is the bluest, Moody Model the greenest. Which of course, makes the Bell polish my favourite with its perfect balance of blue and green. 🙂


Yellow-Green Cremes Comparison

With spring rearing its lovely head I though I’d show you three of the sunniest green cremes I can think of. Yellow-green is not a shade that flatters my skin tone, but I absolutely adore it nonetheless.

As I adore all of these polishes. Pictured at two coats each without top coat:

Left-to-right: Sinful Colors Innocent, OPI Who the Shrek are You?, American Apparel MacArthur Park and OPI WTSAY once more

As you can see, they all fall in the same colour family. Innocent is the most green, but just as bright as WTSAY. Something about it freaked out my camera, so picture it more intense.  MacArthur Park is the darkest, murkiest and least bright. It’s also the most yellow.

Innocent and MacArthur Park have the best formulas being solid one-coaters despite my two coats here.

Just looking at these polishes makes me want summer so bad! 😀