“Gonne Fishin’!”

Or, in my case – shopping. 😉 I’m off to Vienna for a week and have left my darling to defend my polishes while away.


Can’t wait to check out all the Essence and Catrice polish stands! 😉 MLV.


Tristam Eyes

I had a whole other post planned for today, but They arrived! My Legends. 😀

And I couldn’t wait to try out my first A England polish, and immediately put on Princess Sabra aka Tristam Eyes (thus named for the cat-eye green it is).

Ok, so everything I’d read about it is true. The application was creamy buttery perfection in two coats. 🙂

And my little princess approves.

And I think it matches her eyes as well. 😉

So I utterly adore this polish and I’m already thinking I should do another little haul from A England…


Meanwhile, the Alessandro spring collection Track Me has arrived in Estonia and there are some spectacular polishes there… one gorgeous duochrome especially. Be on the look-out for my choices!

Here’s a little peek-a-boo!


Pink Wednesday Featuring Bright Purple + Some Info

After picking up my first colour changing polishes from BYS, I couldn’t wait to try them out. My first choice was BYS‘ Bright Purple — a shimmering vivid deep purple in the bottle  that should change between purple and pink.

My nails are short, but I imagine this would give some fantastic gradients on long nails, even I saw a gradient appear once in a while with the cooler tips purple and the nail bed pink. Mostly, it looked like this on me:

Three coats and this really is a beautiful colour. 🙂 Now, I also wanted to show the colours this switches between… I did that by playing with hot and cold water. 😉

Starting from cold (purple) and ending with warm (pink):

I really like the idea and the colour. Can’t wait to try the rest!

Now, some information — starting from this week, I’ll be in Greece for a couple of weeks . So what that means is:

  • I’ve set up automated posts, so my blog will still be updating regularly every couple of days. I just won’t be answering to comments/emails. I will catch up and answer to everything once I’m back though.
  • I’ll be really grateful for brand/store recommendations for nail polish, etc in Greece to know what to pay attention to! 😀
  • We’ll be stopping in Vienna on the way back, so which stores offer Catrice/Essence polishes?


BYS In Town!

I haven’t visited our lovely local importer of China Glaze polishes for a few weeks and stopped by today just to see what’s up.

Now, what is up is that BeautyPro (in Tallinn at Roosikrantsi Street) has started importing polishes from the Australian brand BYS (Be YourSelf).

There’s so much to choose from! The have cremes, shimmers and glitters. Nail art polishes and crackle polishes. Best of all, something I have seen only in very few places in Estonia — colour changing mood polishes!

Of course I picked up some stuff. 😉

No official pricing yet, but they should be relatively inexpensive. Cheaper than China Glaze anyway.