Four Leaf Clover

I polish I love to wear, but hate to photograph. Which is why it hasn’t been on this blog yet, even if it was (da-duh!) my first China Glaze polish nearly two years ago.

This is a medium bright almost neon green with a blue tint that sometimes looks almost turquoise or teal and I have seriously never seen an entirely colour correct photo of it. πŸ˜› I did my best here, I think these are almostΒ right but maybe still a bit too blueish.

Of course, it’s utterly stunning. A lovely two-coat formula as well. A bit of a stainer like a lot of pigmented greens, but a nice opaque base coat takes care of that (I like Essie’s Ridge Filler under my “stainers” and/or chromes and/or holos πŸ˜‰ ).

Love it. πŸ™‚

And, btw, I just realised that I still have pre-blog nail polish purchases that I’ve never even worn. Iiik. I wonder if there’s ever gonna be a day when I don’t have untrieds… I mean, when I bought these polishes I couldn’tΒ wait to wear them and loved them and… Obviously, I could wait. πŸ˜› So, is it possible to completely lose interest in a polish you had to have even without trying it?



I guess I’m back :)

Sorry for the long absence. πŸ™‚ I had a lot going on in my life and felt like this should be on the back burner for a while.

I’m gonna be building up steam though, I hope, and be back to my regular form before my first anniversary. Still, in the weeks I was gone, I didn’t actually even wear/change my polish much, so you guys haven’t missed a lot in terms of manicure chronicles.

How gorgeous is the Metro collection from China Glaze? I was just a little disappointed in Trendsetter (it’s definitely not ocher!) but it’s such a fun and unusual colour I still needed it. πŸ™‚

My favourite from the collection at the moment though? Skyscraper! What an awesome glitter. I’ve been wearing it nonstop. The formula and execution of this polish remind me so much of another old China Glaze favourite — Stellar.

And since no post is complete without pictures… and I still need to start taking them of my newer, fall manis…

A little peek-a-boo at a polish I loved in summer — China Glaze’s Hey Sailor! Awesome name, awesome colour, great application at only one coat. πŸ™‚

Lot’s of love for this perfect vintage red. πŸ™‚


Top Ten

I got tagged with a Top Ten Award by the lovely kookith. The idea is to list your top ten cosmetic products and then tag ten more people.

  1. Lucy Light foundation in Pale Olive;
  2. Everyday Minerals eyeliner in Black;
  3. E.L.F. Small Angled brush;
  4. Silk Naturals eye shadow in Homecoming Queen;
  5. Fyrinnae eye primer Pixie Epoxy;
  6. Silk Naturals lip stain in Dixie;
  7. Silk Naturals butter glaze in Azalea;
  8. Silk Naturals blush in Babdydoll;
  9. Sassy Minerals blush in Tart;
  10. and since I’m not listing nail polish colours, I’ll add my favourite brand, which is China Glaze.

And I’m really not tagging anybody, so if you want to do it, go ahead! πŸ™‚

I also need to get my act together and get around downloading my photos. πŸ˜› I still have mood polishes to show you, some vacation manis and today I spent a bit of time re-swatching all of my flakie polishes. So, look forward to that. πŸ˜‰


The Prettiest Colours

Are you sometimes seduced by colours of things that you don’t really need or use but have to have it for the colour?

That happened to me recently when I was buying up BYS polishes and also bought two nail art polishes (and you know how rarely I use those). But the are utterly amazing.

Glitter Purple — Mirror Blue

Simply gorgeous. And underneath, one of my favourite dress patterns ever:

The colour combinations are so vivid and fresh here. πŸ™‚

Btw, does anybody want to try to turn this July sunset out of my home window into nail art? I tried once, failed spectacularly and now leave this to somebody else. πŸ˜‰


200th Post!

I just noticed this week’s Pink Wednesday post was my 200th! πŸ˜€ So, this is my 201st post on this blog, which is just a bit over five months old.

Over those five months, I’ve had just shy of 26,000 hits and 700 comments.

I’m pretty pleased, and I love keeping track of my polishing jobs and sharing them. So I hope to keep this up for a while.

Thanks to all who follow this little blog!


Giveaway Reminder & A Konad Question

Don’t forget to sign up for my mini-giveaway, which ends tomorrow, 5th December! Just click on the image in the sidebar to go to the giveaway post. πŸ™‚

In other, nail polish news, I am still wearing my water decal manicure because I just couldn’t make myself take it off! It is coming off later tonight though, because I have a manicure I really want to try out. πŸ˜‰ So be on the lookout for that.

I’ve decided on my nail polish Christmas presents for myself. I’ve been wanting to try out Konad for a while now, but I just can’tΒ  seem to make myself go through with the purchase as it’s ridiculously expensive. So, I was browsing through Stavroula’s blog the other day, and happened upon her post with a link to some Bundle Monster plates. Which are like dirt cheap compared to Konad, but close in, quality. And I ordered a set as my Christmas present!

Don’t they look awesome? Today, I stopped by a Konad stand at a local shopping centre, and chatted with the sales girl for a while, and somehow IΒ  managed to walk away with a free stamp+scraper set, which is out of its original packaging and was left over when they were compiling some sort of Christmas sets. So I’m all set on that front as well. πŸ˜€

I do want at least one original Konad plate though. I had my first and only Konad done at a beauty fair in the autumn, and I’d really like to own the plate with the design she used… Unfortunately I’ve no idea what number it is.

Could you help me identify it?

The simple, old-fashioned wallpaper design really appeals to me. πŸ™‚


What’s your nail polish Christmas present to yourself?




Colour Changers — What Do You Like?

There are the “regular” polishes — cremes, shimmers, glitters — and then there are polishes that in one way or another display different colours on your nails.

I think these we can group into two categories:

  1. Colour changers — polishes that change colours in different angles often showing two or more colours at once. I’d put holos, duo- and multichromes, opalescent flakies into this category.
  2. Polishes like Claire’s mood polishes where the colour is affected by hot and cold, and magnetic polishes where you can create patterns with magnets.

Am I missing anything?

Now, I usually prefer regular old one-colours, but sometimes it’s fun to have something more effective on your nails. So I was thinking about the first category — colour changers — and what I like best.

When I first learned of holographic polishes, I went insane with lemmings. And I was over the moon, when I got my hands on my very first holo, China Glaze’s 2nite (pictured above) and it is to this day my favourite out of the holos I own. Quite a few. But for some reason,Β  holos really don’t do the trick for me. I can walk by all the Nfu-Oh holos without any lemmings stirring and just a few days ago I felt nothing for GOSH’s Holographic which was offered to be 70% off.

What I love about holos though, is their drying time. They’re perfect when I want an ΓΌber-quick manciure yet something more flashy than a matte polish. πŸ˜€

Duochromes are more interesting, I think. I have to say, these spark my interest more than holos. But actually good duochromes are hard to find. I have several polishes in my stash that are supposed to be duochromes, but I can only spot the effect on my nails when I spent minutes looking at them in different angles. I think the duochrome sthat hasve made me go WOW the most are Orly’s Space Cadet (terribly original of me, I know ;)) and SpaRitual’s It’s Raining Men.

However, my favourite colour changers have to be flakies. I love how versatile they are. You can wear them on their own (some of them anyway), layer them on top of various polishes, on top of each other… They always show at least two colour on the nail at once which instantly makes them those notoriously hard to find good duochromes inΒ  my book. And when you layer them… of man, you can literally have a colour party on your nails. My favourite? Nfu-Oh No 52. Not the most colour changing flakie I own, but my favourite nonetheless.


So. Which category is your favourite or do you prefer just one colour on your nails at once? And what are your favourite colour changing polishes? Anything I really need? πŸ˜‰


p.s. And be on the lookout for my colour-changing nails for tomorrow!