Nubar Stronghold

Another late autumn weekend, and for this one, I’m wearing Nubar’s Stronghold — a dark blue-based grey creme from their Fortress collection.

It was relatively ok to apply the polish; the formula of the Nubar cremes I have isn’t exactly one of my favourites as I always seem to get some polish in my cuticles… However, today it was ok, plus, the polish is a one-coater creme which is always pleasant.




However, I wasn’t feeling it as glossy as it was, so I decided to add Nubar’s V for Men matte top coat:

Much better! 😀



I love how smooth and plastic-y it looks now! Sometimes I just feel like wearing something like this — no shimmer, no shine, no loud colour. It’s peaceful. ♥





In Estonia, Nubar can be bought at Looks Design. Internationally, try Buy Nubar or e-Bay.

Wild and Crazy Anchorage

So I admit it. I’m a nail polish snob. I usually buy only what I know is quality stuff. But sometimes a colour comes along that just have to have.

This is a 1 Euro polish from the same brand that makes Sinful. In fact it’s Sinful’s cheaper sibling.

But the colour looked amazing in the bottle, it’s very pigmented covering completely in two thin coats and has relatively fast drying time.

I used it on a friend today together with a matte top coat (Nubar’s V for Men):


Now, the how long will it last experiment begins.

Isadora Graffiti Top Coat Spraycan Blue

This is a surprise! A European company gives the polish a name besides a number.

I was feeling like spicing it up for Sunday today and decided to use my bottle Isadora Graffiti Top Coat in Spraycan Blue (is that a mouthful or what?) from the “untouched” pile over my previous manicure of Eyeko’s Punk.

I feel slightly like an Easter egg:


But a pretty awesome and colourful Easter egg. 😉

This has a wide maxi brush that made the application very easy. I noticed that the thicker coats (and more coats) I use, the greater the crackle effect. I used one thick coat on my left hand and the blue was lighter and more evenly patterned, while the two coats on my right hand (pictured above) lead to a fantastic wide and uneven cracks.

I added a top coat to give it more shine as the blue dried a bit matte.

How do you feel about crackle polishes?