Holorific Friday

Or something. 🙂 Here’s a quick one for the weekend. My very first holo bought before I even knew holos existed! Seriously. I just thought it looked like a pretty periwinkle shimmer in the muted light of the store here I got it.

I’m talking about China Glaze 2nite, of course. 🙂


You cant’ imagine the moment when I first wore it and saw it in sunlight! Suffice to say that was the beginning of my love for anything holo and by now I have quite a few — scattered, linerar, sheer, glittery you name it.

None can beat 2nite as a favourite though.  IMG_0857


You see why. 😀



Kinda goes with these perfectly warm and sunny summer days of yesteryear…


2 thoughts on “Holorific Friday

  1. Oh, wow, what a lucky purchase! I’d totally love a periwinkle shimmer any day of the week, but how amazing that it’d turn out to be such a gorgeous, HTF now, holo! Seriously, it’s just so beautiful. 😀

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